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Vanilla Foods Plus

Vanilla Foods Plus
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on adds 121 new food-related items! All based on things already in the game. Have you ever wanted to eat Popped Nether Wart, or make Magma Cream Cheese? Well, now you can!

Adds 121 food-related items to the game. (Sadly, Green Apples can only be obtained in creative for now.)
Both old and new recipes have been edited to include more ingredients, giving items that you wouldn't think to be delicious more flavor. For example, You can roast Crimson Fungus, and use it to make a delicious dish called "Crimson Porkchops."

Because the knowledge book doesn't show furnace recipes, here are all the things that can be cooked.
Nether Wart, Crimson Fungus, Warped Fungus, and Red and Brown Mushrooms can be cooked, adding more sources of food to the nether.
Bread is now baked!
Water can be purified! This is purely for storage reasons, as water is commonly used in food recipes. However, it counts as a potion and is hardcoded to not stack. My solution is to boil it. Works with any potion.
The new items added in this update:
Fish/Salmon and Potatoes, Warped/Crimson Porkchops, Piglin's Stew, New Sandwiches with (much) better textures. Sliced bread, Toast, and Toast with Eggs. Cream, Cream Cheese, and Magma Cream Cheese. And new Cookies!


- Download from the link.
-Open the MCADDON file.
-Allow Minecraft to Import the file.
-Turn on all the experimental features.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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