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No Gravity Challenge

No Gravity Challenge
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Do you like challenges? Then you are right here! There is no gravity in this challenge. Download this add-on now and experience a completely different Minecraft. This add-on is super easy to install and it doesn't even take up a single megabyte! The idea for this add-on comes from BastiGHG, who played Minecraft with random gravity.

To start the challenge, enter this in the chat: "/function noGravity-start"
As you can see, everything starts to float. Every entity, including every mob and you, get the "levitation" effect.
Now you have a problem: you can't come down any more ...
Or maybe yes?
Yes, you have to sneak in order to sink. The "Levitation" effect is removed and you get "Slow Falling"
That's all about this add-on I hope you will like it.
Tip: You will find installation instructions below


Installation Guide

1. Click on "MediaFire Download"
2. Click on "continue to MediaFire"
3. Press "Download"
4. Open the file: "No Gravity Challenge-LakhdarLP 1.0.0.mcaddon"
5. Minecraft will start automatically
6. Create or edit a world
7. Select "Behavior Packs"
8. Click on "My Packs"
9. Select "No Gravity Challenge" and press "activate"


Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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