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More Stones Addon

More Stones Addon
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Ever wanted more variation of rocks in minecraft? Then this addon is your solution! adding 5 new stone types (with more to come) each with their own recipes and variations, including:
  • peridotite
  • cantera
  • sunstone
  • brownslate
  • apatite
Currently the rocks can only be optained with creative or crafting, but they will spawn in their respective biomes in the future!
(This addon is currently work in progress and needs the experimental features turned on)
Coding made by BITroot and textures by Dedemianmia

This is the first version of the more stones addon! the addon contains 5 new types of stones, with new recipes and types. Currently they can only be obtained with crafting receipes or commands 
apatite is a bluish stone made with 2 blocks of ice and 2 blocks of stone 
  • brownslate
A brown stone coming from the nether, crafted with 2x soul sand and 2x netherrack /
  • cantera
A pinkish stone, made with granite and stone. With brick, chiseled, and polished variants 
  • peridotite
A greenish volcanic rock coming from the ocean floor, crafted with kelp and stone 
  • sunstone / piedra solar
Orange stone similar to the ones from canyons, sunstone comes in brick, polished and chiseled variants. Its crafted with red sandstone and hardened clay 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.6
  • 1.17



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