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Retro Carrots+ | 1.17 & Survival Friendly (Update)

Retro Carrots+ | 1.17 & Survival Friendly (Update)
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This addon adds 16 new food items 14 of which give special effects, and others give increased food, these items are available to you in survival at anytime, to make a type of carrot you will need it's resources. Recipes added. These are the old carrot textures because I can say that no one likes the new one and no one will disagree. 

The effects of the carrots will all be based on how hard the resource is to get and how long it would take, the diamond carrot is the best one for now and it gives most benefiting effects, these carrots will help you through your survival world and boss battles and more. 
These are the 16 carrots 
The iron carrots give mining specialised effects and the enchanted one gives increased versions of those effects.
The Old Carrot. Everyone misses it, so I made it that you can craft it and it gives more hunger levels. For the og fans ;)
The enchanted golden carrot. Similar to the enchanted golden apple but with slight increased effects. Op for boss battles.
The Copper Carrots, (Textures are being worked on.) The normal copper carrot doesn't give effects because of its easy find. The enchanted one though gives mining effects.
The coal carrots, these carrots give night adapting effects or cave adapting effects not more of mining effects though, the enchanted one has mining effects due to its complex crafting.
The emerald carrots are different to each other because emeralds are easy to get but the blocks aren't, (villager trade changing) The enchanted one is really good because its for everything.
The redstone carrots, they heal you and help you mine really good if you're struggling in a boss battle.
The diamond carrots are really over powered literally for anything but it's also fair due to it being debuffed in 1.17. If you have spare diamonds and want a guaranteed boss kill, these are your goal.
Lapis carrots are more for water exploration, because of it giving water breathing and night vision and speed it is really op if you grind shipwrecks.
The enchanted and normal netherworld carrots, these make u gods with op effects such as village hero and more for you to find out, if u ever get the chance to try out a enchanted one, it sure will make u master of the three dimensions.


To install you will need to download it, after you download it, just click on it and you should have it like that.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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