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Crystalcraft Unlimited

Crystalcraft Unlimited
Addons for Minecraft PE
A addon with 60+ new ores to find.
Including: bronze, silver, platinum, enderium, moonstone, cobalt, pearl, mythril, adamantite, crystal, plutonium, unoptanium and more 
A new custom end Dimension with new trees and ores
And For every ore you can make weapons and for some of them armor more info down below

This is a step by step tutorial for how to craft the new cool items and find the ores 
Step 1 
How to find the ores (you have to smelt ores marked in yellow)
Mining  (over world around diamond level) : uranium titanium, amazonite, alexandrite, amber, amethist, ametrine, aquamarine, tourmaline, citrine, chrysolite, flourite, garnet, indigolite, iolite, jade, Jasper, kunzite, malachite, opal, peridot, prism, Ruby, Sapphire, sardonyx, spinel, sugilite, tanzanite, titanium, topaz, onyx, chloronium, rose quartz, turquoise, iridium, fluorite, rutile, amolite, azurite, smoky quartz, peacock ore, peacock topaz, Tanzanite (rare version), tin, bronze, silver, aluminium and platinum
Exploring the end: enderium, moonstone, obsidian nuggets, cobalt and pearl 
Exploring the nether: fire opal (nether waste and crimson forest), catseye (warped forest) and soul quartz (soul sand valley)
Trading (exclusive for trading with wandering trader): adamantite, mythril and crystal 
Crafting: obsidian nuggets, plutonium, unoptanium and nether gold 
Smelting: smelt iron to get steel
Loot for killing wither: withered steel 
Loot for killing ender dragon: dragon scales  
Fusing: you can fuse gemstones together in a brewing stand but make sure that you only put one gem in each slot of the bottom row otherwise you waste a bunch of them
Fusing recipes (not all based on real life):
citrine + amethyst = ametrine 
amethyst + citrine = ametrine
uranium + adamantite = plutonium 
adamantite + uranium = plutonium 
titanium + mythril = unoptanium
mythril + titanium = unoptanium
sapphire + ruby = azurite 
ruby + sapphire = azurite 
spinel + amethyst = flourite
amethyst + spinel = flourite 
kunzite + amazonite = alexandrite 
amazonite + kunzite = alexandrite 
peridot + jade = malachite
jade + peridot = malachite 
turquoise + flourite = fluorite
flourite + turquoise = fluorite 
sapphire + kunzite = peacock ore 
kunzite + sapphire = peacock ore 
tanzanite + peridot = rare tanzanite
peridot + tanzanite = rare tanzanite
Thats how to get the ores 
Step 2 weapons 
For nearly every ore you can make a sword with an exception off obsidian nuggets you can also craft swords now from emerald and lapis but it all works a bit differently:
If you want to make a sword or axe (you can't make an axe with mythril, adamantite, obsidian nuggets, plutonium and unoptanium)
You first need a item called obsidian nuggets there are 2 ways to get obsidian nuggets 
  1. Put obsidian in a crafting table
  2. Find obsidian ore in the new end dimension
Now put these obsidian nuggets in a vertical line from bottom left to up right in the crafting table and you get obsidian sticks 
 you can make a sword or axe of any gem now with the regular minecraft sword recipe except instead of a normal stick you use a obsidian stick. 
There are a few exceptions because metals have a different recipe instead of using obsidian nuggets to make a obsidian stick you use iron nuggets to make a iron stick 
You can know when something is a metal when it has the same shape as iron 
If an ore is found in the nether you need blaze rods to craft a sword or axe out of it 
These are some extra powerfull swords:
The uranium and titanium sword: you craft it by doing uranium up top titanium in the middle and a iron stick at the bottom 
You can go a step further by trading with a wandering trader for adamantite and mythril 
 and with those you can make the adamantite and mythril blade mythril up top mythril at the middle adamantite and a iron stick at the bottom 
You can go even further but I will not spoil how to make the strongest weapons in the game you have to find that out yourself. 
Step 3 armor 
You can't make armor from every ore 
but here is a list of witch ores you can: cobalt, moonstone, amethist, Ruby, peridot, spinel, topaz, chrysolite, ametrine, tanzanite, indigolite, aquamarine, platinum, garnet, tourmaline, citrine, flourite, opal, jade, alexandrite and malachite 
You just craft armor like normally in minecraft. 
This was the tutorial if you still don't know how to craft something or forget you can always look in the recipe book. 
Some more new things the addon adds: 
New trees that grow in the end. 
And better wandering trader trades


This is a short installation description 
When you add this pack to a world please make sure experimental gameplay is on 
Pease don't use this addon in a world that is very important to you unless you have a backup 
And this addon does not work in the new caves and cliffs BETA

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.220 (beta)



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