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Creative Cooking

Creative Cooking
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Do you ever get bored of the foods in Minecraft? Sure, there are tons of foods to choose from, but the limited set of food items doesn't really fit in with the rest of Minecraft's creative style. Creative Cooking brings Minecraft's creative style to food.

Watch my video explaining all of the features:
This addon adds 4 new crops, which can be found in Mineshaft or Dungeon loot chests, and they are sold by the wandering trader.
  • Lettuce - works like most vanilla crops
  • Tomatoes - grows a bush, the top can be harvested when it turns red
  • Rice - similar to tomatoes but must be planted in water
  • Soybeans - must be harvested quickly if you don’t want it to dry out
Flour can be made from wheat or rice, and makes dough when mixed with water. Dough can be cooked into bread, or crafted into pie crust, pasta, or cookie dough.
The meat slicer is used to turn cooked meat or tofu into meat chunks and sliced meat (for sandwiches).
The cooking pot is a crafting table that is used to craft hot items, like rice, soup, or pasta. It must be placed on top of a furnace, smoker, or campfire.
Soy water can be crafted from soybeans and water, which can be cooked into soy milk or crafted into a tofu mixture. The tofu mixture can be cooked to make tofu, a meat substitute in the meat slicer.
This addon adds 8 different types of food, which can be customized using various ingredients. For example, salad can have any combination of carrots, tomatoes, or beetroots added to it.
  • Sandwiches - Made from bread and sliced meat - You can add lettuce, tomatoes or cheese - Convenient, stacks to 64 (most other foods from this addon stack to 16)
  • Rice - Made from cooked rice - You can add meat chunks, carrots or beetroots - Warm, gives regeneration
  • Soup - Made from meat broth or tomato broth - You can add meat chunks, carrots or potatoes - Warm, gives regeneration
  • Pasta - Made from pasta, which is made from dough - You can add tomatoes, meat chunks or cheese - Warm, gives regeneration
  • Salad - Made from lettuce - You can add carrots, tomatoes or beetroots
  • Pie - Made from pie crust, which is made from dough and sugar - You can add sweet berries, apples, or glow berries
  • Juice - You can add sweet berries, apples, glow berries, or melon slices
  • Cookies - Made from dough or chocolate dough - You can add chocolate or sweet berries - Convenient, stacks to 64


Make sure you enable Holiday Creator Features and Additional Modding Capabilities.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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