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More Pets Mc Addon

More Pets Mc Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
Add 5 New Pets To Your World that will fight for you, give you buffs, and even let you fly! In this pack we added an Iron Golem Pet, Slime Pet, Ghast Pet, Llama Pet, And Turtle Pet.

Iron Golem Pet:

Description: iron Golem Pets Do Lots of damage With A lot of health There like a giant Just tame it and whatever mob you attack it will attack the mob too launching the mob high in the air just like a real iron golem.
Tame With Iron Ingot By Right Clicking It!
After Taming You will be given a nametag to name it!
Evolve The Iron Golem Pet By Right Clicking it with A Iron Block:
After Evolving You Give The Pet better Stats With Improved Movement speed and Attack Damage!

Turtle Pet:

Description: Turtle Pet Gives you Turtle Master Witch is toggle-able while he follows You, Turtle pet can also attack mobs or enemies that you attack like a wolf.
Tame Turtle Pet With Seagrass
Turn On Turtle Master for you by right-clicking it:

Llama Pet:

Description: llama pet will attack any target you attack by throwing its spit at it. llama has a special ability if there is multiple of its self nearby it will give its self-buff of more damage and faster speed.
Tame The llama pet with wheat:
Attack any target and the llama pet will run after it and kill it with its spit:
llama pets give buffs to themselves when there are others of the same type near them Just spawn another llama pet next to it in a 5 block radius and it will buff its self.
While they attack they are buffed with the multiplier with how many are there.

Ghast Pet:

Description: Ghast Pet Will Fly Around you are protecting you from air and ground enemies. ghasts will shoot huge fireballs that doo lots of damage to enemies and will set them on fire
Tame ghast pets with bones:
just hit the enemy you want the ghast to attack and it will kill it fast:

Slime Pet:

Description: Slime pet will give you a jump boost by right-clicking it just like the turtle pet. The slime pet will jump around you and can spawn in different sizes and the baby ones look really cute.
Tame The slimes with bones:
Right-Click with your hand or any item just like the turtle and activate its jump boost to be transferred to you and just right-click it again to turn it off.


Made by smell of curry and all models and behavior are prohibited to redistribute.
please put on experimental gameplay when using this pack.


Changed Links To Not Have Anything Else but read articles.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.101



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