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Fantasy Villagers Addon

Fantasy Villagers Addon
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Fantasy Villagers AddonThis addon adds 9 villagers and 2 golems, this addon contains (Villager Vanguard, Villager Guardian, Royal Guard, Archer, The Lord, Great Guardian, Golembreaker, Enchanted Librarian, Knights, Teutonic Knights And A Kamikizake Bommer)! You Can Use Them To Guard The Villages, Patrol Everywhere And Slay The Illagers! 


Villager Vanguard

a classic type of guard wielding a glaive, 
  • Health:45
  • Damage:10
  • Ability:Can Block Some Of Their Enemies' attack
  • Guards Villages
  • Shield Durability: Average
Drops some emeralds and has a chance to drop a vanguard helmet

Villager Guardian

A Tank type of a villager wielding a guardian sword also part of the Elite Campaign
  • Health:40
  • Damage:10-12
  • Ability:Reducts 50% Of Their Damage Taken
  • Guards Villages
Drops an Iron Chesplate and has a chance to drop a guardian sword

Kamikizake Bommer

Its Like A Creeper But A Villager, 
  • Health:20
  • Ability:Explodes After Getting Near To Their Target
  • Can Patrol
Drops Nothing

Royal Guard

An Elite version of a villager vanguard that wields an elite claymore,
  • Health:55
  • Damage:9-11
  • Ability:Can Block Some Of Their Enemies' attack
  • Guards Villages
  • Shield Durability:high
Drops some emeralds and has a chance to drop an elite claymore


An Elite type of an iron golem that wields a metalic armor and a metalic fist, 
  • Health:250
  • Damage:19-34
  • Ability:Can Knock Enemies While Attacking
  • Guards Villages
Drops nothing

Great Guardian

A damaged golem that seemed to be cursed by an ancient power, 
  • Health:150
  • Damage:21
  • Ability:Explodes After Dying
  • Guards Villages
Drops nothing

The Lord

The ruler of the villagers wielding the lengendary diamond sword, 
  • Health:160
  • Armored Health:240
  • Damage:15-17
  • Abilities: Sometimes Performs A Blast Damaging And Knocking Enemies, Sometimes do a critical attack dealing a stronger damage and can summon 4 royal guards
  • Guards Villages
  • Can Be Armored Using A Diamond Chestplate
Drops a diamond sword


A patrolling type of a villager wielding an iron sword, 
  • Health:35
  • Armored Health:45
  • Damage:7-8
  • Ability:Can do a shockwave attack dealing damage
  • Can patrol
Drops an iron sword

Teutonic Knight

An elite variant of a knight wielding an iron sword, 
  • Health:50
  • Damage:9-10
  • Ability:has a chance to knock enemies while attacking them
  • Can patrol
  • Has a horned variant
Drops an iron sword

Enchanted Librarian

Enchanter of the villagers, part of the elemental campaign, 
  • Health:40
  • Damage: 5-7
  • Ability:Buffs Nearby Guards
  • Guards Villages
Drops an enchanted tome


An artillery villager wielding a bow, 
  • Health:45
  • Damage:Arrow Damage
  • Ability: Can Dodge Some Of Their Enemies' Attack And Sometimes Shoots Multiple Arrows
  • Guards Villages
Drops some emeralds and some arrows


Vanguard Helmet

Same as an iron helmet nut the design is different

Guardian Sword

Wielded by the villager guardian, deals 8 damage and can be used hire normal villagers into village guardians, you can hire villagers into villager guardians by following these steps
  • Make sure to use a guardian sword
  • Go near to a villager them press the button "villager guardian"
  • Wait them to turn into a villager guardian and done!

Elite Claymore

A sword wielded by the royal guards, deals 10 damage, cant be crafted but obtainable killing a royal guard

Enchanted Tome

A book wielded by enchanted librarians, deals continues damage to enemies, they can buff nearby guards at the future

Infinity Sword

A Legendary sword created by the ancient blacksmiths of the overworld, deals 19 damage and can summon lightning bolts when hitting someone



  1. Download the file 
  2. After Downloading, click the file and click "minecraft" 
  3. After Importing the addon, make a new world and make sure to toggle on all of the experimental options 
  4. Open the world and enjoy! 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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