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Blue Axolotl Spawn Egg Addon

Blue Axolotl Spawn Egg Addon
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This addon introduces a new egg to spawn blue axolotl which is very rare and is only obtained by breeding two axolotl. Also this addon adds a new recipe to craft this blue axolotl spawn egg.

There is only 0.0083% chance of the offspring to be blue, which makes it extremely, extremely rare to get this axolotl. With the help of this addon you can craft a blue axolotl spawn egg in survival.
You can breed two axolotl by using bucket of tropical fish. Using this addon you can spawn a blue axolotl using its spawn egg. 
You can craft the blue axolotl egg using 8 amethyst shards and 1 bucket of axolotl. 
You can use any bucket of axolotl, even bucket of baby axolotl to craft blue axolotl spawn egg.
You need to turn on Experimental settings for this addon.


  • Click on the download link and follow the steps and download this addon.
  • Now double click on this addon, now the game will automatically import the addon
  • Now go to world settings then activate this addon in your behavior pack and resource pack.
  • Now enjoy the game.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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