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MC:BE Beta Java Version

MC:BE Beta Java Version
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This addon don't add features like all others mods, I wanted to make a nostalgic mod, where you can take your time to play your game and don't run like in our actual versions. It's like the beta versions of java minecraft.

This addon don't add features, but remove somes features (and more features will be removed on futures updates):
  • Removed alot of recipes.
  • Removed Andesite, Diorite from generations.
  • Removed Hunger.
  • Removed Sprint.
  • Friendly Animals don't sprint anymore.
  • Zombies drop feather like chickens.
  • Cow drop Leather only.
  • Food aren't stackabke.
  • Breath is full when you get out of water.
  • Mesa is removed ?
Make sure to activate:
  • Creation of Custom Biomes
  • Additional Modding Capabilities
  • Upcoming Creator Features
And to download the resources pack to don't get errors when you activate the Behavior Pack !

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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