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U Dead Mode

U Dead Mode
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Has Minecraft bedrock been too easy well i have made something that is pretty difficult. Creepers being faster and many more things that make this addon hardcore mode but worse
has U dead mode classic been too easy well welcome to reborn where we have new mobs, new armor, weapons, and so much more

Creepers are now faster than normal and can give you the wither effect or kill you without even blowing up. the player has less health and burns in daylight and gets hurt in water but luckily you start with a leather cap but you still have to worry about water (just use a boat).
You are able to ride players in multiplayer (which i was gonna remove but the beta testers wanted me to keep it because it was funny). 
 almost every peaceful mob attacks the player except (wolfs, parrots, cats, and the new 1.17 mobs) ender pearls now explode (does this make blast protection more useful idk try it out yourself) 
i changed the main heart and absorption heart's texture so yeah i think it looks nice and i switched the textures to most of the ores back to their old texture and switched them so your gonna get confused on which ore is which. why did i do this? Well i thought the extremely fast creepers and small bats weren't enough to deal with in caves 
V 1.04: Updated the glowsquid and goats so they can attack the player
Basically you dead mode but with new items and mobs
there’s 5 new ore endite and 4 crystal ore plus a ingot that you can craft
use the crystals to craft the rainbow matter to craft 4 powered swords
the Sword of agility, the Sword of speed, the Sword of strength, and the Sword of defense


i suggest turning these 3 on

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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