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Bunch o' Sculk Add-On

Bunch o' Sculk Add-On
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Explore the new update like never before with new mobs, blocks, items and underground generation. However, into the unknown depths the sculk creatures will hunt every moving mob around them so watch your step!

Add-On Content

2 new hostile mobs :

Sculk Mite - tiny 4 legged creature with low health and damage but despite his cute appearance the sculk mite can sometimes be really annoying;
Sculk Lurker - this croc shaped underground predator has some strong jaws that can surely kill fast, just try to not make any noise when these lads are around if you're not prepared.
- Sculk Mite in it's natural habitat -

+10 new blocks :

Sculk Body - base material of the sculk generation made out of an unknown living substance;
Sculk Chute - the source of the spreading sculk;
Sculk Trap - generates like the rest of the blocks in smaller proportions and deals considerable amount of damage when stepped on;
Sculk Veins - easy-to-break material that allows the sculk body to spread across the floor;
Sculk Core - appears in rare occasions and forms a protective cover around it made of sculk body and sculkcite shell giving speed effect to all sculk foes around it;
Sculkcite Shell - strong material formed around the center the core;
Sculk Tendriles - creepy tentacles that generate on top of the Sculk Chute;
Dead Sculk Body - can be obtained from the transformed sculk blocks upon destroying the Core;
Polished Dead Sculk Body - made out of dead sculk body and has decorational purposes;
Cut Polished Dead Sculk Body - obtainable via Stonecutter or Crafting Table from Polished Dead Sculk Body and has decorational purposes too;
[ ! ] The rest of the unmentioned blocks can't be obtained in survival without Silk Touch enchantment and don't have a functional purpose.
- Sliced Sculk Core -

9 new Items :

Sculk - common item dropped by sculk blocks;
Sculkcite Plate - dropped when mining sculk chute or sculkcite shell with an Iron/Diamond/Netherite pickaxe and can be used to craft sculkcite armor;
Sculkcite Tooth - dropped by sculk trap or sculk lurker and can be used to craft the sculkcite armor and sculkcite sword;
Soft Sculk Boots - extremely low protection and durability however wearing these boots stops any vibrations coming from your footsteps;
Sculkcite Chestplate - pretty durable and protective ribcage looking armor made for those who want to wander the deepdark in a suitable style;
Sculkcite Helmet - not the best headwear you can have but it surely does look cool;
Sculkcite Sword - moderate damage dealing bonus hit points for all sculk mobs;
Sculk Tendrile - dropped from Sculk Tendriles block used to craft Sculk Radar;
Sculk Radar - a beeping device that uses a sculk tendrile to detect other sculk creatures or cores in a 20 blocks radius.

Deepdark Generation :

Deepdark is a new type of underground generation that can be found in the lowest depths on the world along with the sculk monsters & blocks. Take care and have a fun time exploring!

Crafting Recipes :

Sculk Radar
Sculkcite Helmet
Sculkcite Chestplate
Soft Sculk Boots
Sculkcite Sword
Sculk Body
Polished Dead Sculk Body
Cut Polished Dead Sculk Body ( Crafting Table )
Cut Polished Dead Sculk Body ( Stonecutter )

Tips :

On an Infinite World type you can use "/tp @s @r[family=sculk]" to make it easier finding underground sculk generations;
If you are using a beta version of 1.17 you can have sculk sensors generating as well by going into the world behaviour pack settings and changing it to "Sculk Sensor On" ( don't forget that it requires Cave & Cliffs toggle on ).
[ ! ] In order for the addon to work, on your map that has imported both Behavior and Resource Pack, you have to enable the options below.


After getting redirected to the site if you don't have Linkvertise Premium tap on "Free access with Ads", complete the steps shown, then click on continue and get to the Mediafire page where you can download the addon.
[ ! ] If you need additional help contact me on Discord - [matt]#0001

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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