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Specimen Zero Addon

Specimen Zero Addon
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This Addon adds Specimen Zero to Minecraft Bedrock to make cave mining a little bit scary. Watch out because this mob got some punch to offer. It has 50 health and has slightly more damage than the zombie.

Specimen Zero only spawns underground sa you might wanna let your guard down when mining. Scary as it looks, it sounds scary as well, so if you hear it growling when you're mining, be ready! Right now it only drops rotten flesh when killed, but I will add a new drop on the next update because it is still in beta version
But I will add a new drop, when killed it will drop its sharp hand to be used to craft a spear than you can throw on mobs. 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.6
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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