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Free Handed Villagers and Illagers v2.0 (Revolution)

Free Handed Villagers and Illagers v2.0 (Revolution)
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Unlike other addons out there, they are transforming villager models to become humanoid but the most notable features are lost in the process, because of this, the villagers loses their trademarks, especially the NOSE. But this addon gives importance to the villager's large head and their NOSE while also keeping the models

Note: A feature that starts with a [R] means that it is a feature from the resource pack and can be installed independently and a feature that starts with [B] means that it is a feature from the behavior pack and thus should not be installed without the resource pack

Watch the trailer here:

These features apply to all villagers regardless of Profession, Biome, and Age.
·        [R] Villager hands are untied. They are no longer hidden inside their robes
·        [R] Villagers can now render armor visually (Although there are no known ways to equip them with armors other than using commands)
·        [R] Villagers have a panic animation when avoiding hostile mobs that attacks them
·        [R] Villagers have a riding animation when sitting inside boats and minecarts.
·        [R] Villagers wave their hands when trading (Hold an emerald in front of a villager. Does not work on Unemployed, Nitwit, and Baby Villagers)
·        [R] Villagers close their eyes while sleeping (as it should have been)
·        [R] Villagers hold their hands while breeding
·        [R] Villagers now wear gloves depending on their profession (Leatherworker, Weapon smith, and Armorer)
·        [R] Villagers remove their hat when they are sleeping
·        [R] Baby villager's scale now grow depending on its age. Their body slowly grows as they age
Villager Professions:
o   [B] Equipped with some Iron armor
o   [B] Equipped with iron axe
o   [B] Chases and kill chicken, cow, and pig
o   [B] Can fight against enemies
o   [B] Equipped with a compass
o   [B] Equipped with water bottle
o   [B] Inflicts poison to enemies
o   [B] Gives regeneration to their avenger
o   [B] Equipped with iron hoe
o   [B] Has a chance of feeding fertilizers to crops
o   [B] Equipped with a bucket of fish
o   [B] Equipped with a bow
o   [B] Shoots enemies with bow
o   [B] Equipped with water bucket
o   [B] Equipped with a book and quill
Stone Mason
o   [B] Equipped with Iron Pickaxe
o   [B] Can fight against enemies
o   [B] Equipped with shear
o   [B] Can shear and sheep nearby
Tool smith
o   [B] Equipped with Iron Shovel
o   [B] Can fight against enemies
Weapon Smith
o   [B] Equipped with an iron sword
o   [B] Can fight against enemies
Wandering Traders:
·        [R] Wandering trader's lead is attached to right hand instead of their body
·        [R] Wandering trader have a custom drinking animation when drinking invisibility potion
·        [R] Wandering trader’s mask has been removed (It does not cover their nose anyways)
·        [R] Wandering traders ride their Llamas
o   [R] Witch's hands are now untied
o   [R] Witches can render armor
o   [R] Witches have a drinking animation
o   [R] Witches have riding animation
o   [R] Vindicator's hands are now untied
o   [R] Vindicators can now render armor properly
o   [R] Vindicators have a riding animation
o   [R] Always show their axe even when not angry
o   [R] Evoker's hands are now untied
o   [R] Evokers can now render armor properly
o   [R] Evokers have a riding animation
o   [R] Pillagers can now render armor properly
Zombie Villager
o   [R] Zombie villagers can now render armor properly


Full pack: Includes all features in both Behavior pack (BP) and Resource pack (RP) but requires to disable xbox live achievement since this is considered an addon
Resource pack only: Enables you to enjoy some features but xbox live achievements are still enabled, therefore you can still enjoy it in your vanilla world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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