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Warden and Archeology Addon

Warden and Archeology Addon
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This addon adds the fully appropriate mob warden and Sculk blocks, plus brushes and archeology system to your Minecraft pe. The Mafia Guardian will naturally generate along with the blocks 

In the creative by typing /function Warden in the chat you will have all Sculk blocks and the mob's spawn egg 
These are all Sculk Blocks: Sculk Block, Sculk Trap, Sculk Birth, Sculk Sensor and Sculk Growth
The huge scary mob has arrived to terrify you with 84 health hearts and a 31 heart attack damage it's not easy to take it down as it's very fast strong and agile so don't be fooled into thinking it for being clumsy he is easy to defeat   
The most intriguing thing is that this mob is blind and guides itself through Vibrations can be distracted with snowballs and eggs and it communicates with strange plants the sculk sensors yes you read wrong the mob communicates with the sculk sensor as it will be in part 2 update cave and cliffs 
The archeology system will also arrive in part 2 of the update but I brought it almost complete By typing /function Archeology in the chat you will get all archeology items
The brushes will be found in archaeological digs around the world 
In the structure there will be earth and gravel that when interacting holding a brush you will start to clear the block and get items 
now lush caves will spawn naturally along with dripstone caves and deepdark caves  
Plus we have a new background and title

the aThe addon only works in 1.17 beta activate the experimental gameplay and enjoy

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)



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