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More Wells (v.1.0)

More Wells (v.1.0)
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Have you ever wanted more wells in Minecraft? Anyways this behavior pack adds more wells to the game like nether wells, ocean wells, and more! Those wells generate with the exact same chance as the infamous desert well.

With this bahavior pack your world will generate with more wells based on desert well from vanilla Minecraft. Some generate with ice instead of water and some with lava, try to find them all!
Following well types are added:
  • Plains wellall plains and flower forest biomes
  • Taiga wellall taiga biomes
  • Acacia wellall savanna biomes
  • Mountain wellall mountain biomes (isn't tested in new 1.17 beta mountain biomes)
  • Ocean wellall ocean biomes
  • Snow wellall cold biomes
  • Badlands well - all badlands biomes
  • Cave wellunderground excluding ocean biomes
  • Nether well nether wastes, basalt deltas and soul sand valley biomes
  • Crimson well crimson forest biome
  • Warped wellwarped forest biome
  • End wellthe end dimension
There are 3 pack options available in this pack.
Chance - 1/500 - Wells generate with 1/500 chance per chunk. (default) (as vanilla desert wells)
Chance - 1/166 - Wells generate with 1/166 chance per chunk, that is 3x more likely.
Wells everywhere! - Wells generate, well.... everywhere ?!
Chance - 1/500 option is selected by deafult, if you want to switch the option, click on the gear icon on the pack.
This pack works on all MC versions above 1.17 including betas.
Following experimental features are needed for the pack to work! 
If you want to see some of the new wells generated, take a look at the screenshots provided below.
Known issues:
  • Ocean wells don't generate with wtarelogged slabs underwater due to this issueUpvote it, if you can please.
  • Mountain wells can sometimes generate in ice plains biome.
  • Nether wells seem to be slightly rarer than they should be.
Planned updates:
  • Birch and Jungle wells
  • Another type of well - treasure well


  1. Go to the mediafire download page.
  2. Select file you want to download (.mcpack or .zip)
  3. Download it.
  4. Open/extract it depending on the file format.
  5. Make sure to enable Creation of custom biomes experimental option.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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