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Tameable Axolotls

Tameable Axolotls
Addons for Minecraft PE
Minecraft 1.17 introduced us a new creature from real life, to game. Axolotls! Unfortunately Mojang didn't added us to tame them, we can only breed :( Worry not because this addon allows you to do so! now you can tame axolotls and gain their trust with a cute face.  

Main Info:

There are three stages an axolotl can now have: Wild, Pet (Tamed), Mutant Pet

Wild: Will spawn naturally in the world, will come to you if you offer them fish and are tameable.
Pet(tamed): Normal tamed axolotls will follow you around (You can make them sit/stay if yo don't want them to follow) will provide their owner infinite water breathing, will help you in attack (if not sitting or told to stay)
Mutant Pet: This won't change any of their appearance, BUT... these axolotls are 10x stronger, healthier and better than a normal pet axolotl; They instead of just providing water breathing, will also provide Night vision and Strength-1. Normal axolotls can be turned to mutant using a Cured Mutant Fish (Info given below) 


To tame an axolotl, you will require a fish (that is cod/salmon) once tamed they will start to love you :D you can even use lead on them just if you want, otherwise you can also make them sit/stay using right click. 


To mutate a normal tamed axolotl, it would require you a Cured Mutant Fish, To obtain a Cured Mutant Fish you will need a Contaminated Fish. And you will be needed to craft a contaminated fish:
Contaminated fish:
1x Coal/Charcoal : 1x Cod/Salmon = Contaminated Fish

Curing a contaminated fish:

Once you obtain a contaminated fish, you will be needed to brew it weak (that is curing it):
Cured Mutant Fish:
1x Potion of weakness : 1x Contaminated Fish



This pack also provides 5 new axolotl variants!
Nature Lover: Dark Green
Shy Buddy: Magenta (Or I guess it is pinkish)
Salamander: Marron
Cave Explorer: Grey
Silky : Light pink with green eyes

A family photo :)


Video about how to make them stay/follow, Complete Explanation and In game interactions:


How to install:

  1. Go to the given download link
  2. Click on free access with ads
  3. Click on discover articles.
  4. Wait for 15 Seconds and then click on the Cross.
5. Once Done then click on continue and then you can download the addon :D
Enjoy !

Note: Do not Click on ANY Ads Otherwise It will mislead you and make you download wrong things. Follow the above guide only!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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