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More Bows Expansion

More Bows Expansion
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Bows are boring as they are, I mean there ARE enchantments for them but that’s all! In this mod we add MORE bows with MORE powers that can help you. So please download this mod pack. Thank you, and this took me a long time to make and I hope you like this mod pack.

There are 14 bows in this mod pack.
Wither Bow: Withers opponent.
Creeper Bow: Summons Creepers then explode.
Alien Bow: Makes opponents levitate.
Ender Bow: Teleports you.
Iron Bow: Summons Iron Golems and explode.
Blaze Bow: Explodes and makes fire come.
Mega Blaze Bow: Like the Blaze Bow but stronger.
TNT Bow: Makes an explosion.
Nuclear Bow: Causes a GIGANTIC explosion.
Nether Bow: Summons Zoglins and makes an explosion.
Ice Bow: Summons Snow Golems and give opponents slowness.
Poison Bow: Effects opponents with poison.
Laser bow: Makes fire come.
I Will Crash Your Game Bow: Summons 500 ender dragons and makes a HUGE explosion that will 99.99 percent make you never enter that world ever again.


Turn on the experimental gamemodes on then add both texture and behavior pack and BOOM!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)



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