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Login Counter

Login Counter
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On a realm, world, or server, have you ever wanted to track how many times players log in? If so, this addon is for you! Simply install the addon, type “/function setup” into the chat, and watch the counter on the left of the screen increase as more people join the world!

— How to use:
To start the counter, run “/function setup”. After you run the command, all logins will be stored and counted. You can view the total logins on the right of the screen.
— To hide the number of logins on the side of the screen, run “/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar”. Logins will still be counted even if the number is hidden. To show the number of logins again, run “/function setup”.
— The number of logins is stored in a scoreboard. If you ever need to change the count, you can run “/scoreboard players add -Logins- logins 1”. You can change the word “add” in the command with “list”, “operation”, “random”, “remove”, “reset”, “set”, and “test”, depending on how you want to change the scoreboard. You can also change the “1” to any integer.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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