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UHC España Addon

UHC España Addon
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UHC España is a unique pvp event created and organized by ElRichMC with the plugin with the name of the same event created by KernelcraftThis addon faithfully recreates this plugin and many of its mechanics for Minecraft Bedrock

(Esp video)
What is a UHC
'Ultra HardCore,' or simply UHC is a game mode in Minecraft, where one or more players participate, it can be solo or in teams, this game mode, unlike Hardcore mode, has more rules than usual, making it more challenging.
1- In UHC the players cannot regenerate life naturally, the only way to recover life is through the golden apples or potions of instantaneous healing.
2- At the end of the game there will be a Deathmatch where all players must reach the 0,0 coordinates, in this location the final battle will take place. (In some cases the player is transported to the deathmatch)
For the addon to work properly it is necessary to check the slot for experimental game mode and education edition
How to make teams
In order to see the scoreboard and also be able to see your team in it, it is necessary to add tags with the command / tag (player's name) add (the tag that you want to add to the player)
These are the tags for the teams
T1 and T2 team1
T3 and T4 team2
T5 and T6 team3
T7 and T8 team4
T9 and T10 team5
This means that if you want to make a team for example with the players "Raiyon" and "GreenP" you have to execute these commands in the chat
/tag Raiyon add t1
/tag GreenP add t2
This extends to the other tags which are 10 (the maximum number of players that the addon supports)
Is important to add these tags before starting the UHC and when all players are in the game.
How to make random teams
For this, the command /function tags must be executed when all the players are in the game and in this way tags will be added automatically
How to play without teams
To play in solo mode you have to execute the next command
/tag @a add t1
How to start UHC
After making the teams to start the UHC you have to use this command /function iniciar
Right after this the UHC will start automatically and will tp all players to a random place on the map.
-Episode(Episodio): It is the unit of time in which the game is divided are 10 and each one has a duration of 20 minutes
-Team(Equipo):This shows the name of your team and right next to it in red the life points of it
-Accumulated time(Tiempo Acumulado):This shows the total time of the game
-Time Remaining(Tiempo restante):This shows the remaining time for the next episode
Episode 1:Everyone will receive a boat and a golden apple
Episode 3:They will all be given a golden apple
Episode 4:PvP will be activated and players' hearts will be regenerated
Episode 8:Everyone is given a shulker box

Episode 9:An extra full life bar will be added to all players and all players will have to be close to 0 0
(This second life bar is without effects)
Episode 10:All players will be teleported right to the site where the UHC started and the deathmatch will begin.
By using this item you will add 2 extra heart containers for every 1 that is used, a maximum of 5 can be used
Consuming this item will add 4 absorption hearts for 2 minutes and regenerate 5 hearts
This item is placed like a normal End Crystal and when it is used it revives your team right in the place where this item was used 1 time
Head Dropper
When you die right at your death site, a head with a stake will appear and just below a random valuable block
These blocks can be gold, iron, emerald, redstone or lapis lazuli, gold being more likely.
Spectator mode
When you are eliminated you will be in this mode in which you will not be able to interact with the game you will be invisible and you will be able to fly


Once the .mcaddon file is downloaded, when you open it, the resource and behavior pack will be installed automatically in the game
Once this is done, it only remains to add the resource and behavior pack to the world along with the requirements
For the addon to work properly it is necessary to check the slot for experimental game mode and education edition


Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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