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Extended Amethyst Add-on

Extended Amethyst Add-on
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Get ready for an expansion for your Minecraft world. Extended Amethyst is a plugin that adds a lot of new content and utilities for amethyst in your minecraft world, making it more amazing and above all more useful.

This Addon Add more utilities for the Amethyst in Minecraft Bedrock. Complying with a Vanilla style. Adding useful tools and more things that will allow you to expand and improve your Gaming experience!
Addon Icon in game:
The Amethyst Shard will be the principal item in this Addon, With that item, we can make all the items that I will show below.
The amethyst shard were raised to be used as an alternative to the netherite. Expanding the Diamond tools, but in a different way.
We only need the Diamond tool that we want to upgrade and an Amethyst Shard. This is the crafting:
What makes amethyst tools different from netherite or diamond tools?
The Amethyst Tools will see increased speed to destroy blocks of their type. They will be as fast as gold tools.
Their enchantment will increase to 22 (For reference, a Diamond pick has enchantment 10). Greatly increasing the probability of better enchantments.
In turn, the diamond is mixed with the amethyst when crafting the tools. Which brings the durability down to 1091 (For reference diamond tools have a durability of 1561).
This are the tools that can be improved to Amethyst:
Amethyst Shovel: 
Damage: 5
Amethyst Sword:
Damage: 8
Amethyst Axe:
Damage: 7
Amethyst Pickaxe:
Damage 6
The Amethyst has properties that allow it to be enchanted better than other materials.
Taking advantage of this, the addon presents the probability of impregnating potion effects in rings, being able to increase the control of the effects and making better use of them in quantity.
First, we need to craft a Ring, to later embed a fragment of Amethyst. This are the Craftings:
  • Ring:
  • Amethyst Ring.
Later, to infuse the effect of a potion in the ring, we need a brewing stand. It is important that the potion is at its maximum possible durability (being augmented by redstone).
The effect of the potion will be taken advantage of because a single potion can give effect to 3 rings at the same time.
Rings can be activated and will last for a certain amount of time depending on which ring it is. These are the rings available in the Addon:
The effect time will be the amount of damage the ring has occurred each time it is used. (1 second = 1 damage to the item)
  • Strength Ring (With Strength Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 20 seconds
  • Swiftness Ring (With Swiftness Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 20 seconds (Speed)
  • Turtle Ring (With Turtle Potion):
Durability: 40
Effect Time: 10 seconds (Apply Resistance 3 and Slowness 4)
  • Slow Falling Ring (With Slow Falling Potion):
Durability: 240
Effect Time: 20 seconds
  • Invisibility Ring (With Invisibility Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 30 seconds
  • Healing Ring (With Healing Potion):
Durability: 60
Effect Time:  Heal the life (20 damage)
  • Regeneration Ring (With Regeneration Potion):
Durability: 120
Effect Time: 20 seconds
  • Water Ring (With Water Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 60 seconds (Allows you to breath in the water)
  • Leaping Ring (With Leaping Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 20 seconds (Jump Boost)
  • Night Vision Ring (With Night Vision Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 60 seconds
  • Fire Resistance Ring (With Fire Resistance Potion):
Durability: 480
Effect Time: 60 seconds

Remember to activate the experimental mode!



Download the Behavior pack and Resource Pack, this are .Mcpack. Use them, Activate all the Experimental features. And enjoy it.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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