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StoneTombs Addon V2

StoneTombs Addon V2
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Hi, I'm systemtv and this addon is about graves obviously xdd when you die a grave comes out, it gives you a key and shows you the coordinates where you died, the key is used to open the grave and get your things

This addon is about graves when you die, it will spawn a grave that will collect your objects and will allow you to collect them in a more efficient and faster way using a key that is only given to you when you die.
If you die in lava do not worry that is not a problem since the tomb will generate cobblestone underneath it to prevent your objects from burning
And finally, if you die far away, don't make sure that every time you die, it will tell you the exact coordinates of your death. With this, you will never be able to lose your graves.


The addon is compatible in multiplayer and every time you die the coordinates of deaths will only be for you, that is, if you die it will give you the coordinates where you died, however your friends will not be able to see the coordinates where you died and vice versa if your friends die he can see his death lines but you can't see where he died



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Thanks for downloading the addon I hope you liked it

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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