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Steve Quest - Skin Pack Update

Steve Quest - Skin Pack Update
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds about 76 new npcs to your minecraft game and a few new items and weapons to fight the new enemys and bosses you may have to fight. 

Steve quest adds quite a few mobs. To many to give them each their own description. So i categoried them in three groups.
Colored steves
Most colored steves are freindly and will help the player out by trading with them But there is a few expections. Most of them have 20 health. Some of them have a shiney varient as well.
Red steve: red steve is always hostile to the player and will drop redstone if killed.
Green steve: he will trade with the player and give you nature related items.
Blue steve: he is like green steve but will trade ocean related items instead.
Yellow steve: he walks fast. Thats all he does.
Purple steve: he can teleport- thats also it.
Indigo and violet steve: they are like purple steve but only spawn in the end. Violet will trade you healing items.
Rainbow steve: he doesnt spawn naturally but is very powerful. He has 200 health
Light steve: light can be found in snow areas only and has 120 health. He comes with guards protecting him.
Dark steve: he is hostile and can be found in the nether. He also has 120 health.
Ore steves
They are super rare versions of the colored steves. They will only spawn on : diamond. Gold or emeralds blocks.
Corrupted steves:
They are mostly just enemys. I wont be mentioning all of them since there are to many.
Void  and demon void steve: void doesnt spawn naturally. He has 300 health and will spawn with an army of darkness. Demon void is the same. Expect he has 1500 health.
Demon steves: demon steves are only found in the nether and have 20 health. They are always hostile and come in a red or orange varient
Darkness and mega darkness:  the darkness is gonna be your regular enemy that you find everywhere. It has only 1 health. The mega darkness on the other hand is very rare and has 200 health.
Soul and corruption steve: they are basically the same steve but found in different dimensions. Soul is found in the end. While corruption is found in the nether. They both have 50 health
Corrupted sun:  the corrupted sun is a group of enemys that can spawn in woodland mansions and will drop gold. They only have 20 health.
The addon adds a few new items to your world which will help you with the new enemys.
Shadow stone: shadow stone can be dropped from darkness enemys. It can be crafted into many things.
Rainbow stone and light stone:  rainbow stone and light stone can be crafted into blocks and a pickaxe.
Colorless and sun armor: the colorless armor is an upgrade to iron . And the sun armor is an upgrade to the colorless armor.
The armor is not as good as diamonds. It will give the player one extra heart  but the tools do more damage than diamond. 
The armor and tools can still be enchanted as well.
Its a food that the player can always eat and it will give them instant health but the player would have to find a rare steve named galaxy steve and trade bread for it.
Team work power:
The team work power item is an item that allows you to tame any steve that are good . It can be found while  trading but can also be crafted
The shadow sword:
The shadow sword is a powerful weapon that does 55 damage but the more the player holds it. The more it drains the player's life force.
It can be crafted with condensed shadow stone and a colorless  spear 
The crystals:
The crystals are power ups the player can use when fighting or just traveling.
Light crystal: it is the base for all of the crystals and gives night vision
Dark crystal: strength and blindness
Red crystal: regeneration
Orange crystal: saturation
Yellow crystal:  speed and jump boost
Green crystal: hero of the village
Blue crystal: conduit power
Indigo crystal: levitation
Violet crystal: resistance
Rainbow crystal: All of them expect blindness
You need to hold the crystals for them to active
The crystals do 0 damage expect the rainbow crystal which does 20.
Sun armor will appear on the player when someone joins the world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.230 (beta)



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