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Friendly Herobrine Add-on

Friendly Herobrine Add-on
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This add-on brings Herobrine in your Minecraft world. But he is not going to hurt you any more. He is the Friendly Herobrine. Except for the mobs in Minecraft. He will kill every hostile mobs except for the players. This add-on also comes with some extra items, the DoomBringer, Monster Friend Maker Herobrine armor, Herobrine's power and Two new entities: Fallen Notch and corrupted Herobrine.

Friendly Herobrine: He is a man with great power who will kill every hostile mob in the game. He can be also tamed by a special Monster friend maker. He is a special entity and does not replace any mob.
Monster friend maker: It is a special food which can be used to tame Herobrine. 
DoomBringer: The DoomBringer Sword is a special weapon in this add-on by which you can have the powers of the old Herobrine sword but now a less stronger as that.
The powers are completely insane.
Herobrine armor: This armor gives you the power to fight all the bosses.
Corrupted Herobrine:
This entity is cursed with powers and is very strong. He drops smilinite which can be crafted into Herobrine armor.
Fallen Notch:
Notch gets possessed by evil powers and becomes extremely powerful but evil and menacing.
Smilinite and Herobrine's power


Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay to spawn these items in Minecraft. If you do not do that they might be invisible sometimes. So make sure to do that.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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