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Useful Recipes v1.0

Useful Recipes v1.0
Addons for Minecraft PE
With total of 40 recipe improvements for the game, will help you on your survival without breaking the game. From basic improvements to new & exclusive recipes, such as Nametag & Bottle o' enchanting which are now craftable.

If you have any suggestions or issues feel free to comment below in the comment section, or message me privately on my social media :
Instagram: @fandimobile
Discord: FandiMobile#2964
So, here you go.
• Exclusive new recipes
- Enchanted apple
These are customized recipes to make the uncraftable obtainable through crafting.
Technically not new, just re-added.
- Name tag
Lead probably wouldn't make sense, but if i used string it will be too easy to craft.
- Bottle o' Enchanting
Yep, only need water bottle and few lapis.
- End rod
Two, take it or leave it.
- Horse Armors (x4)
Comes in Leather, Iron, Gold, & Diamond flavors.
• Enhancement recipes
And the rest, are improvements for vanilla crafting. Just example like you always crafted extra Crafting table and now you can get your Planks back.
But i'm not done yet! That is not all of them, there are 40 recipes in total!
Here's the full list of the feature.
(You don't actually have to memorize all those stuff because you'll discover them along the way!)
New custom recipes :
- Enchanted Apple
- Name Tag
- End Rod
- Horse Armors
- Experience Bottle
Basic recipes :
•Wood category
- Crafting Table (x1) to Planks (x4)
- Stick (x4) to Planks (x2)
- Wood Bark (x3) to Wood Log (x4)
- Scaffolding (x1) to Bamboo (x1)
- Chest (x1) to Planks (x8)
- Oak Door (x1) to Planks (x2)
•Stone & Metal category
- Stone (x9) to Cobblestone (x8)
- Furnace (x1) to Cobblestone (x8)
- Rail (x8) to Iron Ingot (x3)
- Powered Rail (x1) to Gold Ingot (x1)
- Shears to Iron Ingot (x1)
- Cauldron (x1) to Iron Ingot (x7)
- Iron Bars (x8) to Iron Ingot (x3)
- Cobblestone (x4) to Stone (x2)
- Minecart to Iron Ingot (x5)
•Miscellanous category
- Blaze Powder (x2) to Blaze Rod (x1)
- Torch (x4) to Coal (x1)
- Glass Pane (x8) to Glass (x3)
- Empty Bottle (x1) to Glass (x1)
- Prismarine Block (x1) to Prismarine (x4)
- Prismarine Bricks (x1) to Prismarine (x9)
- Dark Prismarine (x8) to Prismarine Block (x8)
Recreate recipes :
- Enchanted Book to Book (x1)
- Water Bucket To Empty Bucket (x1)
- Lava Bucket To Empty Bucket (x1)
- Eye of Ender (x1) to Ender Pearl (x1)
- Target Block (x1) to Hay Bale (x1)
- Written Book to Book & Quill (x1)
- Carrot-on-Stick to Fishing Rod
- Warped Fungus-on-Stick to Fishing Rod
- Slime Block (x1) to Slimeball (x9)
- Magma Cream to Slimeball.
Applying any Addon / Behavior pack will result disabling achievement on that world.
Altough this works on 1.16 or lower, i recommend you to use 1.16.100 or above. Because the recipes will show on the recipe page.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.200



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