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Better Bastion Loot Addon

Better Bastion Loot Addon
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Tired of searching through countless bastions before you find a Pigstep record. Ever wondered why the bastion loot in Bedrock is so bad compared to Java? Well this is the pack for you! This addon improves the bastion loot tables by adding more valuable items and bringing them more in line with Java. There are also additions which will allow you to start in the Nether and be able to actually build an enchanting set up as books are now added to the loot tables for generic bastion loot chests.   

Mending books can be found along with undamaged randomly enchanted diamond pickaxes. Diamonds can be found in any bastion chest potentially in amounts between 2-5 per roll on the loot table.
Treasure bastions now have no damaged diamond gear and the potential to have a diamond block or even an enchanted golden apple!
Lapis blocks and grindstones can be found in Bridge bastions and Hoglin stables respectively. 
The loot tables have been extensively re-vamped to increase the amount of rolls on the chest loot tables for all types of bastions, with improved rates for things like iron and gold which are essential for a Nether only playthrough.
This picture is the most diamonds I found in one double chest while testing the pack.
The main goal of the pack is to bring the bastion loot into parity with Java and improve the players chances of finding good loot, whilst remaining sensible and not exceeding the loot found in End cities. 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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