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Crafting The Uncraftable (1.17 Only)

Crafting The Uncraftable (1.17 Only)
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This addon adds 9 latest recipees in tha game. All these recipes are related to 1.17 update stuff only. You can now craft budding amethyst by smelting amethyst block in furnace and much more recipes like this. Now you can craft sweet berries and much more 1.17 update stuff.

Total of 9 new recipes bring a charming feel to the game especially if you like the 1.17 update.
Have a look at all the recipes.
  1. Amethyst Blocks to Amethyst Shard
The recipe works in both, crafting table and 2 by 2 slots in invertory. This recipe allows you to craft amethyst shards from amethyst blocks.
2. Crafting Budding Amethyst 
Now it is possible to craft budding amethyst just by smelting amethyst block in furnace. Well, it is very useful for making amethyst farms directly at your base.
3. Craftable Glow Berries 
Craft Glow berries using sweet beries and glowstone. No need to find those in the chests of mineshafts.
4. Craftable calcite 
Heres a new recipe for crafting calcite. 6 white concrete powder (three on top and three on bottom) and three diorite in the middle crafts calcite. Now it is easier to get rid of all the diorite you have mined in the mines and flurish your builds with calcite.
5. Craftable Deepslate 
Now you can craft deepslate using 1 blackstone and 1 andersite. So no need to go deeper in the mines to find deepslate. You can simply craft it.
6. Craftable Dripstone 
Now you can craft dripstone by 5 sand, 2 deepslate and 2 dirt blocks. Now craft dripstone directly from the crafting table.
7. Craftable Moss Block 
Do you need moss, here's how you can build it. Just using 8 grass blocks and a vine. So no need to wait for the wandering trader. Just craft it. By the Way you can get grass blocks by mining it with silk touch shovel.
8. Pointed Dripstone from dripstone block 
No need to go to deep and dangerous ravines to get pointed dripstones, simply craft them from dripstone blocks.
9. Craftable rooted dirt 
Craft the rooted dirt by mixing normal dirt bonemeal in crafting table.
I hope you have liked this addon.


  • Download the pack.
  • now double click on it.
  • now game will import the pack
  • now go to your world settings
  • now click on Behavior pack and activate this pack
  • now enter the world and enjoy.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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