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Teleport Edibles

Teleport Edibles
Addons for Minecraft PE
Hey. Long time no see (If you remember me lol). It's been a long time since I submitted something. So, here I am!. With a new addon that turns every edibles (Except Cake and Suspicious Stew) into Chorus Fruit. Now, you can teleport randomly with any food you like!. This could be a cool little survival challenge or troll your friends with it. This would be annoying to use for regular survival though.I can't do Cake and Suspicious Stew cuz it's out of my limit.

Here are all 38 edibles available:
1. Apple
2. Baked Potato
3. Beetroot
4. Beetroot Soup
5. Bread
6. Carrot
7. Clownfish
8. Cooked Beef
9. Cooked Chicken
10. Cooked Fish
11. Cooked Porkchop
12. Cooked Rabbit
13. Cooked Salmon
14. Cooked Mutton
15. Cookie
16. Dried Kelp
17. Enchanted Golden Apple
18. Golden Apple
19. Golden Carrot
20. Honey Bottle
21. Melon Slice
22. Mushroom Stew
23. Poisonous Potato
24. Potato
25. Pufferfish
26. Pumpkin Pie
27. Rabbit Stew
28. Raw Beef
29. Raw Chicken
30. Raw Fish
31. Raw Mutton
32. Raw Porkchop
33. Raw Rabbit
34. Raw Salmon
35. Rotten Flesh
36. Spider Eye
37. Sweet Berries
38. Glow Berries (Forgot to add this to the screenshot lol)
Remember to not eat too much. You'll go all over the place.
I also made one that increases the teleport radius to 16x16x16 area (Default radius is 8x8x8 area).


Since, I don't play MCWin10. I'll only give the Mobile instruction (Using Zarchiver as the File Manager).
1. Download one of the pack (or two if you want).
2. Locate your downloaded file.
3.1. (MCPack) Press the file and open with "Minecraft" and wait until it successfully imported.
3.2. (ZIP) Extract the file and move the folder to ".../com.mojang/behavior_packs/[Here].
4. Install it in your world and done!.
5. Just in case, Turn on experimental features. I still don't know how that thing works lol
An additional instruction to get past Linkvertise:
1. Press the download link with "(Linkvertise. The only way to support me)" text on it.
2. Press the colored text at the bottom.
3. Now, you have to complete the "captcha".
4. Scroll down and press the "Free Direct with Ads" button.
5. Scroll up and press the "Discover Interesting Articles" button and wait for ~15 seconds.
6. Press the "X" button and Press "Continue".
7. Wait on the "аbout:blank" page and it'll redirect you to Mediafire shortly after (You can close the previous page)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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