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Primally Add-on

Primally Add-on
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add-on has a new biome, mobs, blocks, and foods. The foods have some effect that can also help you and they can also smelt. The eagle can attack phantoms (on contact only).

This add-on has a new features "mobs, biome, foods, blocks" this features are the following:
Red-Yellow Leaves
Command: /give @s ry:red-yellow_leaves
this block is the sources of primally foods
Dumped Blocks
Command: /give @s ry:dumped_block
This block is the top of the primally biome
Dumped Stone
Command: /give @s ry:dumped_stone
This block is the main stone of the primally biome
Primally Biome
This biome hasn't any trees like desert
Cooked Primally Food
Command: /give @s ry:cooked_primally food
this food has so many effects than primally food
Primally Food
Command: /give @s ry:primally_food
This food can also turn into cooked when it smelt into the furnace
Medieval Eagle
Command: /summon ry:medieval_eagle
This eagle can attack phantoms and players


Tap the link then import it

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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