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Back to Basics V1.5

Back to Basics V1.5
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This addon aims to add more manual items to use to craft stuff instead of everything being inserted towards. It is also geared towards skyblock, With its own option, otherwise creating a string from dirt is a bit overpowered when you have an abundance of dirt. Everythings Blocks! No entities! Pairs well as a before machinery era. As like before Advanced Machinery!
V1.1 Update for Back to Basics, Major Bug fixes! Although the Download link has been changed a while ago.
V1.5 Update for 1.17 Compatibility! 

Starting off, Sieves!

Start with an Empty Sieve Frame


Pick a Mesh

Put it in

Sieve Sand, Dirt, or Gravel!

Each Mesh Level and Material Sieved have different outputs!

and Biome Specific stuff, like seeds and others.
  • Ignore any errors as it is intended, and will only popup if you don't have the extra add-ons.

New in V1.5

Sieve's Flint and above will drop Copper Chunks

When Sieving Sand Iron & above it'll drop Geodes!

Nether Specific Sieve 

Make a Crimson Sieve

Only accepts gold and above

Only Crushed Netherrack is Accepted

You can get the following depending on the tier of sieve


Sieve Recipes inside the Crafting Book


Make Water, requires 4 leaves 

Also makes Dirt, requires 4 Saplings

Lava Barrel (Fixed V1.1)

Makes Lava out of 2 cobblestone


You need Both

All initial dye recipes from flowers have been changed!

Also Supports Bumble_Flowers!

Put them in the mortar and crush em up

Gives you hunger for 2 seconds because manual labor is hard


Bread and Cookies Changed too!

Make Flour and Cocoa Powder

Put the Dough in the Furnace for Bread

Make Cookie Dough and put it in the Furnace

Manual Crusher (Fixed V1.1)

Pull it Back, Put Cobblestone, Gravel, or Netherrack to crush a block manually (Takes slightly less amount of Hunger as a Mortar and Pestle)


Drying Rack (Fixed V1.1)

This block from Natural Structures works the same, (without the leaf recipe though)

Accepts either Rotten Flesh into Leather or Kelp into Dried

If you have Natural Structures, put it on top for Leaf functions!




Optional Skyblock Recipes (Automatically off)

  • Adds makeshift Sieve so you can get string early off using dirt (Very Overpowered in a normal world

Optional Toast's Engineering  (Automatically off) V1.5

  • Adds the ability to get Tin and Silver Chunks through the Sieve, Iron & Better only
  • Tin and Silver Recipes!

Mesh Recipes

Gold (String Mesh, For Crimson Sieve Only!)
Diamond (Iron Sieve)
Netherite Sieve (Doesn't matter where the scraps go)



Addons Supported

  • Bumbles_Flowers
  • Bumbles_Crops
  • More Foods
  • Advanced Machinery V3
  • Natural Structures
  • Any addons that has "Grape", "Rhubarb", or "Strawberries" for the mortar
  • Toast's Engineering

Turn these 2 On! (1.16)

Turn these 3 on! (1.17)


Download Both the Behavior Pack and the Resource Pack! V1.5!
Need to be in Version 1.16.201 or greater

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201



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