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Stacking+ 1.17.0 (Update: Beds & Spyglass)

Stacking+ 1.17.0 (Update: Beds & Spyglass)
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Hey There! Ever wanted a Stack of unstackable Items? Have you wished that Enderpearls and other items stack up to 64? Well, This Add-on is for you! This Add-on Changes The minecraft Stacking limit for unstackable Items like enchanted books and snowballs! Don't Believe me? Look down! 

What the current Stackable items are:
All Current Enchanted Books, All Current Potions, All Current Banners(Even Custom banners work), All Current Banner Patterns, All Current Boats, Normal and Soul Campfire, Eggs, Enderpearls, Honey Bottles, Horse Amor, All Current Minecarts, Snowblls, Saddles, All current signs, and All Current soup(Mushroom,Beetroot,Carrot)
This Addon is updated to the current version of Minecraft which is Version 1.16.220
This Add-on has not been realm tested so if any realm owners that can verify tha this Add-on works on realms it will be much appreciated. 
This Add-on somehow made campfires have a 3d item model so thats cool Lmao. (If you see a black square in the campfires make sure to turn on fancy graphics to remove it)


If you have a Stack of Enchanted Books, Please refrain from putting in a whole stack or more than 1 book in an anvil to enchant an item. The Anvil will consume all of the books to enchant 1 item. This is a known bug that I do not know how to fix. 

Update 1: 

You can now bed mine in peace knowing that your inventory won't be clogged up by beds!
Spyglasses are also stackable now! 
Stacking+ is also working in the latest version of minecraft(1.17.0)
A Realm Owner confirmed that stacking+ does not work on realms so thank you for confirming that thank you very much :D
That is all for update 1! I will be posting updates on my brand new discord which you guys should totally join! Not only is it for my addons but we have channels dedicated to other games/gamemodes! Example: Hypixel Skyblock, Genshin Impact, Valorant, and many more coming :D 

 Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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