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RWBY Weapons

RWBY Weapons
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This addon adds 4 weapons in your world. These weapons are from the show RWBY each of these weapons have different abilities and modes that you can switch through.

I've only added the Team RWBY weapons from the show. These weapons have different modes to switch through them just sneak and right click/use the weapon.
If the modes won't switch sneak and use the weapon repeatedly until it switches modes.
  1. Crescent Rose
Crescent Rose is Ruby's weapon, this weapon has 3 modes a scythe, sniper, and retract. The scythe deals more melee damage, the sniper deals range damage (the range damage has a cooldown), and the retract packs the weapon into a case (this mode doesn't deal much melee damage when use).
  2. Ember Celica
Ember Celica is Yang's weapon, this weapon when equipped give resistance 1 and you can deal melee damage and range damage (the range damage has a cooldown).
  3. Gambol Shroud
Gambol Shroud is Blake's weapon, this weapon has 2 modes a sword and a gun. The sword deals melee damage and the gun deals range damage (range has no cooldown).
  4. Myrtenaster
Myrtenaster is Weiss's weapon, this weapon has 6 modes Fire Dust, Ice Dust, Lightning Dust, Hard Light Dust, Wind Dust, and Gravity Dust. In this different modes there are many abilities that you can use depends where you are looking while using the weapon.
  1. Fire Dust
  • Looking straight - Fire Glyph: Fire Spear, turns the weapon into a range weapon that shoots out spear like projectiles that causes fire damage to the target.
  • Looking Up - Fire Dust: Fire Enchant, gives your weapon fire aspect 2.
  • Look Down - Fire Glyph: Strengthen, gives strength effect for 3 secs.
  2. Ice Dust
  • Looking anywhere except down - Ice Glyph: Ice Crystals, summons ice crystal in a straight line wherever you are looking anyone caught in the crystals will take damage.
  • Looking down - Ice Glyph: Ice Sheet, makes ice blocks under your feet you can this ability is active until you sneak (ice blocks doesn't destroy existing blocks and will melt).
  3. Lightning Dust
  • Looking up - Lightning Dust: Strike, anyone near you will be struck by lightning.
  • Look down - Lightning Dust: Supersonic, gives you speed effect (faster than the wind dust) for 2 secs.
  4. Hard Light Dust
  • Looking anywhere except up - Hard Light: Wall, places a wall of solid light wherever you look (blocks does not break existing blocks and will dissapear).
  • Looking up - Hard Light: Wall, surrounds yourself with a wall in all directions.
  5. Wind Dust
  • Looking Straight - Wind Glyph: Wind Runner, places a glyph anyone who comes near this will be given speed effect for 4 secs.
  • Looking Up - Wind Glyph: Uplift, places a glyph anyone who comes near this will be lifted up.
  • Looking Down - Wind Glyph: Updraft, places a glyph under you anyone who comes near this will be given slow falling.
  6. Gravity Dust
  • Looking straight - Gravity Glyph: Heavy, places a glyph anyone who comes near this will be given weakness.
  • Looking down - Gravity Glyph: Gravity 2x, places a glyph under you anyone who comes near this will be given slowness.
Enjoy the addon :D


  • Requires Experimental Mode
  • Might not work with other addons due to the use of Player.json

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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