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Ultimate Hammers Add-on

Ultimate Hammers Add-on
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This add-on adds six hammers to your Minecraft World. The better the hammer you have to bigger area you can mine! You can also use the "special move" for DOUBLE the size! This add-on makes mining so much fun adds a nice element to the game.

Hammer Mechanics:

  • Regular Mining:
Use the hammer like a pickaxe.
  • 3x3 Mining:
 Sneak and mine any stone or dirt type block to activate the 3x3. The better the hammer you have to more durability you have and the bigger area the hammer will mine.. Remember to be close if you want the best range!
  • Special Move:
The "special move" is done by sneaking and interacting instead of mining the block. The special move is double the range of regular 3x3 mining but a downside is that it takes a lot more durability.

Hammer Durability:

NOTE: Every regular use is -1 durability and special move is -10 durability!
  • Wooden Hammer: 10
  • Stone Hammer: 20
  • Iron Hammer: 30
  • Gold Hammer: 40
  • Diamond Hammer: 160
  • Netherite Hammer: 320

Hard Wood:

You can get hard wood from the hard wood tree that naturally generates in forests. There is also hard wood leaves. You can use hard wood logs to craft hard wood planks! As the name implies it takes longer then regular wood to mine.

Hard Stone:

Hard Stone is a naturally generating form of stone that you can use to make the stone hammer. As the name implies it takes longer then regular stone to mine.




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Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.16.201



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