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Axolotl's Things

Axolotl's Things
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Axolotls are cute, but what if we improve them? Well, you are looking for the right addon. Axolotl´s things is a addon that includes things based on axolotls and give more life to the ocean, giving more food for those little friends to eat.

let´s start for the begging.
the axolotl armor:
the particularity is that the helmet gives you the ability to see under water.
how to craft the armor:
axolotl sword, summon the fear in the hearts of your opponents:
(suffer the fury of axolotl)
need a fastest way to travel in the sea? then craft the medium boat, and get those inconvenients out.
but if you need more place in the inventory, use the large ship, you and your friends. 
this addon is more than armors and boats, obviously this addon includes new animals.
dragon fish:
its a hunter that habits the darkest zones of the ocean, it attacks glowsquids,because they hate ligth, it drop raw dragon fish (don´t eat it it´s toxic) and also can drop their scales.
with the scale you can craft the claw of shades, with it you can make yourself invisible.
and the necklace of shadows, that look good in you.
wow! what´s that? oh, is the sail fish, a very speed mob that wil hurt you, but if you can kill them it can drop you his horn and craft the sail sword.
the whale shark, a passive mob that let you ride them. just don´t let them get stuck in the surface
oh, its that a stone? oh, its just a catfish, it raw meat can make you feel sick, but with the raw dragon fish can be more than toxic! use it in pvp
a nutritive fish, the tilapia, but beware, because them eat axolotls!
look those shrimps, swiming so silly, just keep them out of whale shark´s stoach


extract them.

put them in developtment behavior and resource
turn up experiments

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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