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Trap Update V1.1

Trap Update V1.1
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Trap Update gives minecraft new ways to make dungeons or bases more intuitive, making the player think in how use the traps for defend or how be able to skip them.

the addon is on-working, and new types of funny traps are going to be added, you can always say examples.
the way to have the new types of traps is the trap table:
this is a usefull block to make the next traps.
false floors:
these are a banishing type of block, that means that if you step on them they will dissapear dropping the player or mobs down, porfect to make secret base entrances or trap falls
the addon actually include:
  • trap grass
  • trap planks
  • trap stone
  • trap snow
  • trap sand
trap block:
these is a slow type block that means that everyone who step in there will get trapped, unable to move for a short periot of time, but the effect will re-activate if ou step again, so the only way to scape is jumping.
lava trap:
this is a fall type trap, if a entity step on it turns into a lava hole that will left the enemy toasty.
electric type:
this is a trap that throw a lightning to the one stepping.
snow/cold traps:
this traps make a powder snow/ice buble around the entity, one inflicting damage and the other let it stuck.
tnt trap:
this is the most dangerous trap, if a entity step on it it get the effect of slowness and explode with the power of 15 tnt´s
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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