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The Predator Addon (V2)

The Predator Addon (V2)
Addons for Minecraft PE
 This addon will add a new mobs and items of the Predator! You can get things like The predators claws to his invisibility Cloaking device. This addon will have frequent updates.
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All the things in the addon.

The predators claws- it deals lots of damage and has special effects(obtained by killing the predator)
Cloaking device- gives the player invisibility while being held(obtained by killing the predator)
Night vision goggles- gives the player night vision while on head or inhand.(obtained by killing the predator)
Plasma turrent: Shoots balls of plasma dealing loads of damage.
The Predator- The predator has a lot of health(+-400) and deals a lot of damage(+-8 hearts) if the player doesn't wear armour(above iron armour), he is fast and will charge at you from any direction. He does not spawn naturally,  only with a spawn egg or commands, he has no gun yet but he  will get one in a future update. He has a boss fight hub to show how much health he has left. He drops if killed the three items listed above.He is modeled by the Predators captured Predator. He will make noices if you agitate him or hit him. He is the best PREDATOR of all time.He also has a 3d Plasma turrent on his back.


Click on the mediafire link and dounload the file, then add behavior and resource packs to your world then your done.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.221



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