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Cirno Fumo Boss

Cirno Fumo Boss
Addons for Minecraft PE
If you know about Touhou then you will probably know what is this all about, this addon added a bullet hell type boss into your world with custom particle and bullet pattern

The Boss

Cirno Fumo

Have 2 phase:
Phase 1: is the weakest
  • Health: 300
  • Have 2 type of attack
Phase 2: is the strongest
  • Health: 999
  • Have 5 type of attack

Special: the boss heal every time you die

The weapon
Gohei fake: it's look like bread because the addon is weird
  • Right click to shoot card this is the weapon you can use to defeat the boss

Watch the video to see more: 



  • Beware of the download link follow the tips MCPEDL gave you so you won't get into trouble

Make sure you turn on these features they are really



Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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