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Ultra Bedrock Expansion (More Blocks Update!)

Ultra Bedrock Expansion (More Blocks Update!)
Addons for Minecraft PE
Ever wanted more ores in Minecraft? How about TNT and new trees? What about new decorative blocks and food? Or even more slabs and stairs? Well this is the perfect creative or survival add-on as it adds all of the things listed above!

Main Description

In this add-on there are 36 new blocks, over 15 new items, 8 new slabs and stairs and 5 new mobs for you to discover and explore. Some of the blocks include chiseled ore block, cherry blossom leaves and log, dirt slabs, and much more.

Brief Explanation about the add-on 

New Ores such as Ruby , Silver , Uranium and Salt Ore. There is also deepslate variant of it!
Gold , Iron , Diamond , Silver and Ruby will have  chiseled variant of the blocks.
Gold, Iron, Diamond, Silver, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, Dirt, Endstone and Netherrack will have stairs and slabs!
More Stone Bricks Variant!
Many new decorative blocks!
Glow ink sac can now dye concrete, wool, terracotta and more!
More food such as burger , doughnut , double grilled chicken and cheese.
New Potion! Potion of Fatigue.
New mob such as Eagle , Pharoah King and Baby Skeleton.
Last but not least , New biome and tree , the cherry blossom tree and cherry blossom biome and muddy fields biome.
There is still some things I did not cover here , go and explore yourself!

Known Bugs 

Ender Pearl Ore doesn't seem to be generating.
Eagle and Albino Phantom is flying too fast.


Please turn on all of the experimental gameplay for it to work execpt for gametest framework.

Discord link:


Just click on the download file.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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