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Chroma Key Add-on

Chroma Key Add-on
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Chroma Key Add-on adds three types of chroma Key to your Minecraft, the blue, green and red chroma. This Add-on can be used to make epic thumbnails for YouTube, or a video clip in Minecraft, etc.
What is the Chroma Key?
It is an audiovisual technique that consists of extracting a color from an image or video to replace it with another image or video, with the help of a computerized editing program.

This Add-on is made for people who really understand photography, and know how to handle these things. So if you like Minecraft and you love photography, let me tell you that this Add-on is perfect.
Below you will see a demonstration of this Add-on, and its crafting

Chroma Key blue:


Chroma Key Red:

Chroma Key Green:


Once the Add-on has been downloaded. I will have the file with a file manager, and select Minecraft. You will then open the game and it will be imported automatically.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16



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