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Ultimate Exploding Rabbit Mod

Ultimate Exploding Rabbit Mod
Addons for Minecraft PE
Hello, this mod is impossible to defeat. It is also my second upload. You might know my other one: Demon Chickens 1.14+. This mod adds a new skin for black rabbits and it adds magic exploding rabbits. I hope you enjoy!!!  

This mod adds rabbits that will shoot Dragon Fireballs. They will fly after being damaged and will be angry for 600 seconds. These rabbits are impossible to defeat. They are more op than the Ender Dragon!!! Trust me. These rabbits also explode after two seconds.
You must turn on behavior and resource pack to get the full effect!!
You must be in easy or higher for them to explode or shoot Dragon Fireballs!!
Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16
  • 1.14



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