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ATV 4 Wheeler Addon (Baskets)

ATV 4 Wheeler Addon (Baskets)
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Have you ever just wished to explore lands in Minecraft, but it was just too long of a process? This addon will let you craft an ATV in your survival world for more efficient travel. This four wheeler is faster than a horse and you don't even need to tame it! All you do is craft the parts, put them together, and boom! 
In this new update, I've added new attachable baskets. These baskets will make it easier if you need extra space to carry things along on. The basket is optional and you can attach one whenever you want! 

To craft the ATV, you need 6 different items, but all 9 spots on your crafting table will be used. These items are Metal Blocks (3x), Black Wool (1x), Handles (1x), Glowstone (1x), Wheels (2x), Motor (1x).
Metal Blocks come in 6 different varieties. These are Cherubium (red), Iron (white), Nilium (blue), Orang (orange), Kronium (purple), and Viridium (lime). FYI, Iron is not custom, it is just the vanilla block.
To craft a scrap, place dye and and an Iron Ingot in the following order:
To craft a Metal Block, place metal scraps in the following order:
To craft Handles, place Black Terracotta and Tripwire Hooks in the following order:
To craft a Wheel, place Concrete Powder and an Iron Block in the following order:
To craft a Motor, place Redstone Blocks, Powered Rails, and a Gold Block in the following order:
Finally, to craft the ATV Spawner, place all of the blocks required in the following order:
Final Product: 
It is also very durable and can jump over blocks, as you can see in the health and the power jump bar:
If you would like to craft the attachable basket, you need Iron Ingots (2x) and Iron Bars (6x) and place them in the following order:
After you are done crafting it, place it down behind the ATV, and punch it on. If you punch it towards the back, it should automatically attach on.
And there you have it! Have fun driving around the world on your new ATV!


Follow the Linkvertise directions for downloading! Make sure to download both the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack or the addon will NOT function.  
Also, make sure to have the following settings enabled:

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221



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