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Zafiro Add-on +Gems 1.16.100

Zafiro Add-on +Gems 1.16.100
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 In this addon you will find more biomes with cool mechanics as well as new mobs and new variants of common mobs you will also find armor special items blocks with unique new features new meals all this and more with this addon also expect new updates adding new features.

This add-on includes elements that encourage you to explore the world and others so that your gaming experience is not the same.
Explore the world with two new biomes that are easy to recognize.
1. Blue Desert This is a biome that is rare when you find it because you can see many light blue blocks that make the eye pleasant after a while

2. The lower blue that appears in the world is as if it were a fissure between the interior and the earth, this biome is of the cold type unlike the blue interior of the interior.

The lower blue is a biome that, within the other, that connects to Earth but not directly, is like a failure in the reality that creates this biome on Earth, but when exposed to air it cools very quickly in the east . The Biome is an extremely hot biome. Since the dissipation of fire is rapid and generates large amounts of fire, it can also generate sapphire, rose quartz and quartz minerals.



Sapphire ore is likely to appear as a diamond, but more elements are used to create its tools. Now you can only create the sapphire sword, battle ax and sapphire helmet. the sword deals 12 damage to the enemies, the battle ax deals 15 damage to the enemies, the helmet while you use it will give you the effect of night vision, you can also make the sapphire apples that have the effects of the golden apples, but the improved carrot only serves as food for the character as for the animals.


The blocks are merely aesthetic.
Write the zafiro function to receive an item from each object.
Recipe list of each complete object
Upgrade 2.0
1.It was added that zombies can carry the sapphire helmet
2. Added the invibility charm and the black string
3. Added French translation
4. In the blue desert biome a new variant of the husk is generated with characteristics of its respective biome
Upgrade 2.5
1.Fixed a bug in the netherrack blue quartz drop
2.Drop of sapphire ore reduced from 1 to 6
now it is from 1 to 4
3.Now zombies can wear the diver's helmet
4.The zombie pigman can now wear the sapphire helmet but does not appear with it naturally

Upgrade 3.0
1. The ruby mineral is added this can be generated both in the normal world and in the nether the sword does 13 damage and has a durability 1600 the battle ax has a damage of 16 and a duration of 1600 the helmet teda resistance to the fire


2. New functions were added to the emerald now you can do more elements with the emerald the emerald sword has 11 damage and a duration 1800 the battle ax has 14 damage and a duration 1800 you can also do the other elements like apples
and his helmet gives the jump effect
the feature that is generated in the nether will be added soon

Upgrade 3.5
1.The terror reaches the nether to the world with a colder ghast variable this is a version of the ghats that adapted to the climate of the blue nether of the overerworld
With his new attack of frozen breath that if it hits you directly, it takes half your life, it can also leave you locked in an ice prison, it can generate vex, making it a very dangerous creature.
An advantage is that it is somewhat clumsy, in large part they do not hit you directly alone and in some cases it does not reach you
but keep taking care of the vex
they are only generated at night
2. Added ability for zombies to wear ruby and emerald helmets
Upgrade 4.0
version 4.0 is here to add a new boss who is part of the skeleton family known as the lightning king with his ability to generate lightning bolts in a very fast way that can kill him with a single attack if one of his own is not right equipped. The downside is that underwater it doesn't strike with lightning, but the melee attack is also likely to attack pigs and villagers to turn them against you, it has two drops that invoke storm and glitter. 
With Summoner Storm you can generate lightning bolts with one use per item
Glitter allows you to make new animated decorative blocks with glass that also emits light, giving a total of 17 new decorative blocks.
Upgrade 4.5
1.A generation of minerals has been added to the Nether Blue biome of the normal Minecraft world which are
the rose quartz mineral which is the most common and the sapphire and ruby minerals which are more difficult to find and have a maximum of 3 in the same group

2. Fixed errors when creating elements that required creating two objects, now you can place them anywhere in the creation table and they will give the same result
3. Added rose quartz and netherrack blue quartz minerals
can be melted in the oven to get your item

Upgrade 5.0
A new type was added which is the scythe with its three variations, which are the sapphire scythe, the ruby scythe and the emerald scythe
Sapphire Scythe has a damage of 13
plus an increase in speed, this being a little higher than the ruby scythe but less than the emerald.
Ruby Scythe 14 damage and speed slightly higher than normal
The emerald scythe has 12 damage and twice normal speed.
Upgrade 6.0
In this update, a new miner was added, which is the pink sapphire which you can only find in the normal world. At the moment, generation is from layer 8 with a maximum of 2 minerals and only one pink sapphire is released, it is also in the biome. nether blue but from the normal world his tools are better than ruby's and they have a duration of 1900 uses and the scythe has 1950 uses
Sword removes 14 damage
Scythe removes 15 damage and increases player speed twice
Battle Axe removes 17 damage
The helmet has night vision and adds an extra half life bar





Upgrade 6.5
In this update, a new boss named as the Fire Master was added with the ability to throw explosive balls that generate fire to the surrounding areas where the Fire Master passes, he does not receive fire damage but when he comes into contact with water he will begin to resist damage while alive the night will be infinite.

The Fire Master can fight his way between lava and fire by making fire and lava disappear.

Added a new long range weapon that can only be obtained by killing the Fire Master.

It is an explosive projectile which generates fire around it, it is recommended to use the ruby helmet
Added compatibility to zombies with the pink sapphire helmet

Boss generation:
The lightning king is generated when a skeleton is struck by lightning

The Fire Master is generated when a blue husk comes into contact with the lava and lasts less than a minute in lava. If the blue husk comes out of the lava it will not transform. It can drown if it is two blocks under the lava.

Upgrade 6.5.5
In this small update I have added the functionality to find enchanted swords in treasure chests
the chances of finding one are not very high since they pose all the enchantments of a normal minecraft sword






explore the world to find them all


you can repair them on an anvil using a sword of the same type but you have to put the enchanted sword first
Upgrade 6.6
This new version is the step to new updates of biomes and better generation of minerals and mobs
The new biome called the nether rupture is a biome made up of elements from the nether and the overword in a way that is combined with the generation of entities of both dimensions.
the pigman will generate all the time
magma cubes are generated at night 
the night experience is wonderful for its natural and face-to-face lighting throughout the biome
it also has a generation of small valleys

this biome can be found in warm or neutral sounds
Upgrade 7.0
In this update you will find a new biome called the valley of poison
with a great generation of both cave and normal arachnids and a new species of spider very dangerous you will find areas that when passing over them you will instantly poison yourself

and they will drop particles

The new dark spider removes 2 and a half hearts plus poison injection for 15 seconds can be generated both day and night

Upgrade 7.0  1.16 compatibility
Block compatibility added for minecraft version 1.16
Biomes are temporarily disabled
Generating ores in the nether is temporarily disabled
Upgrade 7.5
all biomes have been updated to version 1.16
now you can find typical structures of a minecraft desert in the blue desert biome
from the typical well

to the desert temple

Upgrade 8.0
The generation of ores was re-enabled in the nether and its generation was improved


Emerald ore is only generated in the crimson forest biome

Ruby ore is only generated in the warped forest biome


Upgrade 8.0.1
In this version, a bug was corrected that prevented players from opening the mineshaft chests since opening them instantly closed the game.
Upgrade 9.0 beta 1.16.100
In this new beta version the complete sets of tools and armor of the minerals of
Pink sapphire
like several elements were updated for new beta version of minecraft
The fire pearl had an update of its attributes to balance the game more, making it now require fuel projectiles to be activated which you can get by burning glowstone dust in a furnace.It is also now breakable, having 384 uses plus the possibility of enchanting it and now You will have a 10 second cooldown when using the Fire Pearl


Upgrade 9.1 beta 1.16.100
In this mini version several elements were updated to the new version
The items are now in their corresponding boxes in the creative
The apples are updated to the new beta version giving the corresponding effects and their correct use time
Tools now show their damage
Upgrade 9.5  1.16.100
In this version, you added to the property
minerals are cut with specific peaks
here is a list of what breaks each peak
Stone / Wood / Iron / Gold Pick:
rose quartz mineral
Diamond Peak: 
rose quartz mineral
nether emerald ore
sapphire ore 
Netherite Peak: 
rose quartz mineral
ruby ore
pink sapphire mineral
nether emerald ore
sapphire ore
Emerald peak:
rose quartz mineral
nether emerald ore
sapphire ore
ruby ore
Sapphire peak:
rose quartz mineral
ruby ore
nether emerald ore
sapphire ore
Ruby peak:
rose quartz mineral
ruby ore
pink sapphire mineral
nether emerald ore
sapphire ore
Pink sapphire peak:
rose quartz mineral
ruby ore
pink sapphire mineral
nether emerald ore
sapphire ore
Upgrade 10  1.16.100
In this version you can find new improvements for some biomes of the addon
In the blue nether biome you can find a new structure where you will find two blocks that can give you any treasure of the nether you will also find 2 spawns of magma cubes


In the poisonous valley, the blocks of Poisonous Podzol have been fixed. Save correctly giving the poison effect. Now when swimming in this biome you will receive poison effect and when leaving the water you will be poisoned

In the hell over biome now you can find burned trees with 2 new decorative blocks that are the charred oak trunk and the ashes of the leaves, the latter are dissolved when you step on them, hit them or interact with them to be able to remove them you will have to use silk touch

the fire pearl for the moment will need you to place a projectile in the second hand
Upgrade 11 1.16.100
In this version a purple ruby gem is added which is an improved version surpassing in certain aspects the pink sapphire
just as rare as pink sapphire but can only be minced with a pink sapphire and purple ruby pick





Also added that frozen ghast changes texture when attacking.

Upgrade 11.0.1
fixed some bugs in addon download links and made allow users to download them

Upgrade 11.5
In this version, the ability of the tools to take damage when used to hit enemies or break blocks has been corrected and in the case of the fire pearl it is when it is used.

Some changes were also made to the invisibility spell to make it more dynamic now this will only give you invisibility when it comes to crouching and it will be hidden so that they do not see you and do not give away your position.

Upgrade 12
In this new version you will find new functions for biomes and bug fixes.
Improvements to biomes and mob of biomes:

Black spiders now release their fangs to be able to create new items like the anti-gas mask that will allow you to swim through the poison valley and step on the poisonous dirt blocks without receiving any poison.
it will also be used to distill an antidote for the poison.
New plant in the blue desert is the biznaga this plant will be found naturally in its phase 1 and to make it grow you must give it bone powder.
Its fruit can be eaten and planted in any sand block and blocks of grass and dirt.
Piglins and hoglins can be in the nether biome.
New Items:
Fixed the rock crafting
Fixed the rendering of the fire master
Fixed black spider generation
Upgrade 12.1
In this version the following bugs were corrected 
The rendering of the frozen ghast was fixed. 
Now you will no longer fly looking up
Now you don't float when falling
Now you can throw the fire pearl if you have a projectile in your left hand and you click with the pearl with your right hand and the projectile is in the arrow donut.
The charred oak log now gives 9 charcoal when used on the crafting table.
Upgrade 12.5
In this new version, fishing has been improved with a new and more effective way of fishing.
You will only need to create a fishing trap with which you will kill the fish in an area of 6 blocks and collect your loot. This loot will be sent to the collector which has to be at a distance of 10 blocks maximum, both can be done with a single crafter, otherwise the system will fail.
Something very important is that the collector must always be out of the water and on top of a solid block or in the air with a solid block on one side.

 Upgrade 12.8
In this version the generation of minerals was updated to 1.17 the fishing trap was updated so that the player can see if it is working or not now to know if it works just check the trap generates hooks the axolotls can steal the loot from the fishing trap also updated the player file to avoid some bugs 
The blue nether biome will still be disabled in the nether for now.


requires experimental gameplay

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.200



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