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Bucket Milk of Axolotl

Bucket Milk of Axolotl
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Are you bored and don't know what to do in minecraft? Do you want to do something unusual in Minecraft? I offer you a milk bucket with an axolotl in it. have a drink and find out what will happen. This addon is inspired by Ulraf and Phoenix SC.

what happens if we catch an axolotl with a milk bucket? Don't worry, you can find the answer with this addon


  • You can catch the axolotl with the milk bucket, but you can't put the axolotl back
  • You can drink it
Milk bucket of axolotl:

  1. Download .mcaddon from mcpedl
  2. run .mcaddon file and automaticaly import to the minecraft
  3. create new world
  4. Make sure to turn on all experimental gameplay before creating a world

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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