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Ex-Mermaids Add-On (1.17)

Ex-Mermaids Add-On (1.17)
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This Addon Add a new mob, a mermaid, this mermaid can be found commonly in the ocean, it can be tamed to go everywhere! and if you get tired of exploring by sea you can turn her into a human or other creatures!

This Addon adds a mermaid! This mermaid can be found in the ocean
if you find one you can tame it with nautilus

After taming it, it will follow you wherever you go!  (at sea)

It would work like a wolf but it would be a mermaid that helps you in the sea.
When you finish exploring the sea you can turn her into another creature even a human one! with the amulet of gold or iron

Both objects serve the same purpose, the only difference is durability with the most expensive being the one that lasts the longest!

With the amulet you can not only turn them into humans, but also into other creatures such as
And turn her back into a Mermaid

But be careful! Mermaids can't breathe out of the water

Gold amulet craft

Iron amulet craft

There is a great variety of mermaids (24)

When you give them the order to wait they will turn
With the comb you can change her hairstyle!

Iron comb craft

Gold comb craft

The only difference is that the more expensive one lasts longer!

If the mermaid receives damage it can be cured with an Emergency kit

Emergency kit craft

Life :80(40 hearts)
Attack :5(2.5 hearts damage)
Unique :Breathe in the water

Life :80(40 hears)
Attack :5(2.5 hearts damage)
Unique : Ground

Life :80(40 hearts)
Attack :5(2.5 hearts damage)
Unique :Can fly

Life :80(40 hearts)
Attack :5(2.5 hearts damage)
Unique :Faster in certain areas (not implemented yet)

With the combinations of colors, modes and types of hairstyle you can have 480 different styles! Calculated with the google calculator! :)


Don't forget activate the experimental options!

Supported Minecraft versions
  • RTX Beta
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201



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