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Leather Tanner

Leather Tanner
Addons for Minecraft PE
Leather Tanner makes your game more interesting an fun about getting Leather, Introducing a 'Tanning Process', Barrels for storing water and tannins, Drying Racks for drying Hides, more ways to get leather, shearable chickens, a New (Functional) Jukebox for your cats and parrots, and a new lamp that detect entities.
 -Getting Started-
Video that explains the addon
Now more animals can drop hides, Cows, moshroom cows (Brown and red), pigs, wolves (Don't do that), llamas, Horses and rabbits.
These hides or pelts have hair and dirt, so we will need to go through a TANNING PROCESS.
Before starting the tanning process, we are gonna remove hairs from hides, for that we need a flint. We will obtain scraped skin that later we will need to wash -Sraping Hides-
              -How to wash a hide?-
to wash hide we need to make a barrel, in the barrel we can store water or tannins. We fill the barrel with water and now we can wash hides. If the barrel is empty you can turn it into a vanilla barrel using a pressure plate of its respective wood, barrel-s can store 14 water bottles or 1 water bucket.
Liquids in the barrel will decrease each time it is used, when the barrel is empty you must refill it
Recipes: Barrels can be found in creative menu (Boats and barrels item group)
                   -Tanning Procces-
To make the tannin we need log barks, we can extract them using a flint and logs.
Every bark (Oak, acacia, dark oak, jungle, birch, spruce, warped and crimson)
With 4 barks of the same type we can craft tannins
If you wanna get more bark, you can craft a small oak sapling, this tree can be stripped directly and layer destroyed. This tree will generate in your world (Plains)
                  -How to use tannis-
Tannin must be mixed with water, just use it in a barrel with water, to take advantage of the tannin use it when the barrel is completely full of water. You can draw liquid using glass bottles or bikers.
Now we can bathe the washed hides in tannin and obtain tanned leather, but the process is not finished yet, we must hang the hides on a drying rack to convert it to leather
            -DRYING RACKS-
As we already mentioned, drying racks are used to hang tanned hides and dry them. When hide is dry (60 - 120 seconds) it will turn into rotten flesh or leather, if leather is left hanging for more than 40 seconds it will turn into rotten flesh.
That was the 'tanning process' to get leather, but that is not the entire content of this addon
at the moment there is only a new jukebox and a lamp. I will add things in a next update if it has support.
-cat's Jukebox-
This Jukebox it's crafted with warped planks and redstone, at the moment it only can play 2 new records (you can find them in monster rooms)
what do these new records do?
They can ake parrots and cats dance (only if they are sitting),The healer record will heal your cats and parrots when it is playing on cat's jukebox (Every 8 seconds and only if they are sitting)
Sensor lamp
Sensor lamps turn on when a player or entity with the 'mob' family is within 8 blocks and turn off when the entity goes out of its range
-Shearable chickens-
You can shear chickens with shears, chicken's plumage  will grow  every second
   -Additional info-
Barks, barrels and small oak saplings can be used as a fuel
Barrels can't be burned when they're with liquid.


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Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.6
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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