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Random Stuffs lol

Random Stuffs lol
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So you want more things in your world, but not quite sure what. With the help of a friend I have made an addon with everything you didn't know you wanted. And let me assure you, you WANT this addon. It has everything from new foods to funky blocks so why not download it. (P.s. nothing is replaced by this addon).

This addon adds Corn Dogs, Cooked Corn dogs, demon slayer, Sword Sword, Netherite sticks, compact obsidian, Nunchucks, Ditch stone, Ditch head stone, an obsidian Pickaxe, Shuriken, and several new crafting recipes.
Corn Dog
Has a chance of cause nausea and restores few hunger bars
Can be cooked to restore 8 hunger bars
Demon slayer
45 attack damage and extremely expensive
Made from A nether star, Netherite stick, Obsidian, compact obsidian, and a netherite block
Sword Sword
16 attack damage
Netherite sticks
Crafted from 3 netherite ingots
Compact obsidian
Crafted with 8 obsidian and one crying obsidian
6 attack damage
Obsidian Pickaxe
5 attack damage
3 attack damage and are a throwable item
Saddle crafting recipe
Name Tag crafting recipe
Ditch stone is a new pink block that can be found in small veins underground. When put in a stone cutter it can be turned into a ditch head block. The name of the blocks come from an inside joke about a deceased pet sheep.
The one with the face does not naturally generate in your world.


Click and go lol

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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