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RayTools Add-on (0.2.1 - Magic/Weapons/Armors/Ores)

RayTools Add-on (0.2.1 - Magic/Weapons/Armors/Ores)
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Thought for the survival you can use your magic power through the new weapons to defeat the monster way lot easier :] Adding spells, tools for mining, magical staffs, and a lot more to enhance your survival!

[ENG] Video of version 0.2.5

What's New? (0.2.5)

  • End Voices: The End Voices is a scythe that knockback the monster and gave wither effect to the one you hit, there a little chance to summon wither skeleton to attack the monster.
  • Freeze Sword: The Freeze Sword will freeze the mob you hit, instead of having no power it will just make 5 damage.
  • Fireworks Staff: The Fireworks staff will shoot fireworks, be careful of it because it can hurt you!
  • Spellbooks: There are 5 types of them, you can buy them from a cleric villager.
  • Mining Destroyers: It's like a drill, the LVL 1 will break 3x1x3 and the LVL 2 3x3x3 blocks
  • New utilization of the magic weapons set! Now you'll need "Magic power" to use your weapons, the power increase every 20 seconds, you can craft some blocks to increase faster your power. You can see your power by sneaking and then jumping multiples times, here's the craft, this block must be placed on a jade block:
  • Nystard Boss! This strong new end game boss will destroy your world, so don't spawn it right behind your house. You'll need to be prepared to defeat him, to summon this boss here a quick video for.
And here the craft for each blocks you'll need :
  • To repair any tools/magic weapons from this add-on you can craft magic shards (These items used for the craft upper) in an anvil.
Dragon staff
The Dragon staff is a new magic weapon with two magic attacks:

-The first and the more powered make summon evocation fang and a circle of dragon breath, it makes a damage radius to all the mob in the circle (Include players).
Tip : While using it, you can get a diamond (7% chance)/ an emerald (5% chance) or a Tanzanite (2% chance).
-The second attack will make a knockback to entities around you when you hurt one 
The uses are illimited! (Knockback make damage + The staff has 6 attack damage) 
Thunder Staff
The Thunder Staff will appear a circle around you when you hold it, in all this circle can summon the thunder (Max 5 thunder at the same time).
Introduce the Jade and the Tanzanite
The jade has the pickaxe, sword, and armor variant, the tanzanite has not. (for the moment)
The Tanzanite is extremely rare, when you found the one you had to crafted the Tanzanite extractor (same for Jade) if you want to mine the ore (Craft showed in crafting table recipes)
With tanzanite, you can make the Dragon Staff.
The Jade and Tanzanite ores are found under layer ~14.
-With the ores, you can craft pickaxes! 
The Jade pickaxe (Breaks very fast all stone type but breaks ores less than the diamond pickaxe) and the Tanzanite pickaxe (Breaks very fast the ores but breaks any stone type less than the diamond pickaxe)
Rayaxe (Axe better than the netherite)
-Fire staff (Throw small fireball where you watch)
-Mega Fire Staff (Throw fireball where you watch)
-Ultimate Fire Staff 
Tnt launcher (Send an explosive block and make big damage on mob)
-Evocation staff (Summon evocation fangs all around you)
-Ender pearl shooter (Lay an ender pearl a lot farther than the normal)
Shulker Staff (Throw in a small distance a shulker bullet)
Wither Staff (Throw wither skull and could be dangerous)

You need to be on the 1.17 Minecraft version and activate the experimental features like below.


Download the two files :
To access the Mediafire link take the free access with add button on LinkVertise. Click on view an article, click on the cross, wait 10 seconds and click again on. And now you can access the Mediafire link.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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