Zero Zone

Zero Zone
Addons for Minecraft PE
The alarms sound, the nuclear reactor exploded and now the world has become a dangerous place. Are you ready to enter it?
Zero Zone is an Add-On that modifies the game to give a more hostile environment towards the player. Entities, item behavior and more have been modified to make your struggle to survive even more difficult.

The colors of biomes were modified to give a gray style to the sky and the fog, the water also changed as a result of radiation.
Your sight is cloudy, the radiation hurt you and now you see green lava! Yes, and also when you get closer you will hear the sound "beep" of your radiation meter.
During the visit to the towns you can find first aid kits and syringes that will cure you. In addition, you can find new food that will help you keep your food bar full.
New items that can be found in the chests! 
The animals were also affected by radiation, their food is now infected. Also, a wolf died from radiation and now turned into a wild beast.
Changes were made to the textures of the armor, weapons and some mobs to give a more apocalyptic style.
There are own structures that will be generated while you explore the world. If you use the add-on in realms, this is the only thing you won't see.
If you are going to use a shader, it is possible that the colors of the water or the fog will not be seen as in the photos, since usually the shaders modify this.
Although you can play with other add-ons, it is recommended that you do not, so that this does not affect the hostile mode of this add-on.
If you are going to use other add-ons, remember to put this one at the top.

Experimental gameplay is required (if you want to have structures)



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Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200



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