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1850 Ender Update part 2 BETA

1850 Ender Update part 2 BETA
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Are you looking for some new Adventures like new Biomes to discover, new ores to mine, new weapons to use, and new mobs to fight. Well download my Addon now

The Official 1850 Addon Created by MusicScience, pls don't re-upload my addon on other websites and
Larry is the leader of the Team Airflare, he is too powerful it summons lightning bolt and summons a Airflare Raid
Mutant FleshEatingPlants
The Flesh Eating Plants are no ordinary plant its a dangerous plant that appears to be massive
Tylobeigus, The Nuclear fish Beigus, It is the strongest among all the Beigus Beasts, it likes to eat Axolotls and others small animals
Nevobeigus, The Living Dinosaur Beigus, It is the most aggressive among all the Beigus Beasts, It can create earthquakes and can erupt a volcano on a single roar. It is also the Largest Beigus Beast.
Northobeigus, The Northern fish Beigus, It has a verry strong jaw that chomps anything on its way, it also creates an invisible wave that trace its enemies. It likes to eat Axolotls and others small fishes. It is also the fastest Beigus Beast
Hawaiian Phantom Doll 
A cured Hawaiian doll from Hawaii that dance the hula
Also known as Apple Cactus
Farm Goats
Goats from farm and plains, it also have different variants if you Spawn it
Dusk Lands biomes
This Biome is home to other kinds of monsters
Poison Swamp
If you step on the waters of this swamp you have a chance of getting poised 
Jade Geodes


Only allow Minecraft 1.17+ and experimental Gameplay on

Supported Minecraft versions
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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