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Mineral Signals Add-on (1.16.200+)

Mineral Signals Add-on (1.16.200+)
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If only you could find nether scraps and diamond for that sweet equipment you've always been dreaming of. This add-on helps in that situation fast! The Mineral signals add-on allows you to create a signal to locate specigfic ores in your area. Once a signal has been activated, it sends a beam of twinkling particles directly to the ore!

How to use

A mineral signal is a pretty expensive item to craft. It requires a Nether star, some blaze rods, and your desired mineral. Follow the recipes below to create one.

Manual use

To activate your signal, simply interact with the item as if you're eating it. The manual use of this signal will be weak, about 31x61x31 blocks and you are at the center.
Using the signals will drain it, charge it by using experience bottles.


Platform-assisted use

To use the signal platform, you need to fuel it using blaze powder. After that, you can interact with it using your charged signal. You'll know if you used the platform when the platform's fuel is consumed. The area of the signal assisted by the platform is 61x61x61 blocks, the platform will be at the center.



The signal basically filter the ores by the signal that you chose, these ores will create a thin beam of twinkling particles; they're hard to miss. The height of these beams no matter how you use them will always be 200 blocks high and 100 blocks low, 300 blocks in total.
Logically speaking, the thicker the beam means more ores.
Make sure that you use the beams carefully, they only last about 5 seconds.
Manual use

Assisted use
Under the beam



Make sure to turn on ALL experimental gameplay features to enjoy this add-on to the fullest.

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16.200



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